Thursday, February 16, 2017

Lauren Graham a/k/a Lorelei Gilmore and all their wonderfulness

Anyone else like to write down their favorite quotes or highlight a favorite excerpt from a book? My Gratitude Journal has turned into a place where I write all of my favorite quotes. This blog has also been a source for me to keep my favorite excerpts from books. In my blog which you can read here, I quote an excerpt about depression. When I read The Secret, I made a lot of notes so that I could go back and re-read what I thought I may need reminded of in the future. 

I started reading Lauren Graham's book Talking As Fast As I Can. I was SO excited to read her book. She writes like she talks. Or, at least how Lorelei talks in Gilmore Girls. The first few chapters were not as great as I hoped. I got to the chapter titled 'Before My REI Card - Some Thoughts on Being Single.' The premise of this chapter is her being single and looking up one day and realizing all of her friends were married with children. She says "You guys, who's free for dinner Saturday? Oh, absolutely no one?" (I feel ya, Lauren. Let's do dinner.) She met her now boyfriend, Peter Krause (aka her brother, Adam on Parenthood) five years earlier at an awards show where they held hands walking out on stage and not knowing what their future held. On the set of Parenthood they clicked and started dating. Here's what she has to say: 
Last week I opened the car door and one of Peter's golf balls rolled out and onto the street, and I thought, there was a time when this would have been a very big deal. Today my car not only has random golf balls in it, but also khaki-colored sun hats that resemble those worn by beekeepers, an assortment of bandanas, those sunglasses that are only meant to be used as protective eyewear during a racquet sport, and dogeared paperback books of poetry.  Now I take these items for granted. Back then, a man's golf ball rolling out of my car would have prompted frenzied calls to my girlfriends: "He left a golf ball in the car. He just left it there. What does it mean? WHAT DOES IT MEAN? Should I text him about it? I SHOULD, right? He's probably looking ALL OVER FOR IT." I wish I'd enjoyed my single days more and spent my free time reading or becoming a better photographer or something, and not worried so much about the meaning of golf balls. 
Because here's the thing: I was fine on my own, and so are you. But it can be hard when you feel ready for Happy Couplehood and you seem to have missed the train. As my friend Oliver Platt used to say to me about hopes and dreams I'd share with him: "It's coming, just not on your time frame." I find this a helpful reminder in any number of ways: not only when you're hoping to meet someone, but also when you're waiting for a better job or for some relief during a bleak time.  When Peter and I held hands that night all those years ago, I had no idea we'd end up shopping at REI together one day. It might have been nice if he could have turned to me and said: "Look, tonight isn't the time, but we're going to leave here and learn a bunch of things that are going to make this work approximately five years from now--see you then!" But life doesn't often spell things out for you or give you what you want exactly when you want it, otherwise it wouldn't be called life, it would be called vending machine. 
It's hard to say exactly when it will happen, and it's true that whatever you're after may not drop down the moment you spend all your quarters, but someday soon a train is coming. In fact, it may already be on the way. You just don't know it yet.
I felt like Lauren wrote that to me personally. Love her as Lorelei Gilmore and love her even more as Lauren Graham.

I think back to when I met Joey for the first time and then when I met him the second time which is when we started dating. I have never been able to figure out if it was months or even a year between our encounters. It does however along with what Lauren said, give me hope that my journey thus far has only been setting me up for my future journey. And that gives me a little sliver of hope that things will work out just as God intended.

a little bit of this and a little bit of that

How am I supposed to be a world famous blogger, if I don't blog at least a few times a week? I'm slacking. In my world though if I'm not blogging, that probably means shit is going OK.

It's tax season which means it's time to start redecorating. I've gotten into makeup a lot more over the last few months. I blame Snapchat. I started loving lipstick because the filters would give you different colors to "try" out and I noticed I kinda look like a rock star.

My friend Jessica's beauty room that she has at her house has also given me some inspiration.

Photo cred to Jessica M. 
My new obsessions are lipsticks (matte please), blush (that you can actually see I'm wearing), and highlighter. Still not a fan of anything to do with my eyes. Mostly because my hands shake like I'm coming off a five day crack bender so it's tough for me to put on eyeliner. (Side noteI just smashed two of my fingers in the filing cabinet at work. I wasn't sure if I was going to pass out or throw up from the pain. Either way, I doubt I'll be able to master that cat eye now.)

My first remodel was to do something with my black and gold room. When I moved in almost two years ago, I had a secretary desk that was my grandma's, a toy box from when I was a kid, and an IKEA bookshelf. On more than one occasion people have asked "what is this room for?" Shit, I don't know.

Secretary desk and toy box.

Toy box and IKEA bookshelf.
I wanted to be able to utilize this room more. Naturally, I turned to Facebook and found this amazing desk/vanity for only $190! I found this cute stool for $35 (Facebook find too). I got a vanity mirror (Target), and a few knickknacks (Hobby Lobby and Target) to sit on it. I went to Hobby Lobby and got all the cute stuff to hang above it.  The room feels a bit warmer now and I can sit and do my makeup in the morning.

I had a little bit of excitement on Sunday at my house. I went to leave at about 11:50 to run to Kroger. The door to the garage was open, so I walked out in the garage to see if I could see Jamison. I came back inside and got treats out because he'll come running inside if he hears the treats. He didn't come so naturally I figured he was back in the bedroom. I ran to Kroger and came home. Jamison was not around which is not normal because he's always with me. He likes to help me do everything. I started looking around for him and couldn't find him. My thought was that he was in the garage when I left for Kroger and now he's outside. I went out back and called his name.  No Jamison. I walked around the block. I went back inside and looked in every drawer, box spring, and cabinet. I got out plates for their wet cat food because he goes crazy when it's time to eat. I had the screen door open and was rubbing the plates together so he could hear me. No Jamison. I texted my mom and she came over. She went through the house again including the stove, refrigerator, and freezer. No Jamison. We both started walking around the neighborhood calling his name and shaking bags of food and treats. No Jamison. After about 2.5-3 hours, I came inside and started cutting up potatoes for soup. I put food and water out back and on the front porch. My mom left around 3:00 I think and drove around the block before heading home. My dad and step-mom then came over and looked through the house some more. My dad even went out in the garage and looked inside my car. They left and still no Jamison. I decided to drive around the block down the main roads to make sure he had not been hit by a car. I showered and ate dinner. I kept checking the back door and front door for him. I called out his name. Shook the plates some more. At 7:00 (7 hours later), I hear scratching. I fly off the couch and go to the back door thinking he'll be standing there. Nope. I keep hearing scratching though. I open the door to the garage and this asshole comes running inside. I started crying. SO happy to see him. Then it dawned on me that he was inside my car. Not inside chilling in the front seat. But, up inside my car. Yes, the engine. Which means he was in the engine while I drove to Kroger and around the block. They say cats have nine lives. I called my mom, dad, and sister to tell them he was "home." He's lucky he's cute. Longest 7 hours ever!