Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Free Legal Advice

I've always said the reason I started my blog is because no one would believe the stories I have about dating. Plus, I can't possibly remember them all. 

I've definitely done my fair share of online dating. None of which has ever worked out for me. I'm not on any dating sites now. Off and on, I'll get on Tinder and just see who pops up. Other than that, I've gotten away from any online dating.

Last month I was messaging this guy back and forth.  Here's our conversation (I'm the blue color and he's the gray):

I knew his comment about me being his lawyer was an attempt at flirting which you can see I didn't play in to. People seriously have no shame. Asking a complete fucking stranger who just happens to be a Paralegal how to go about filing for bankruptcy was lame.  Perhaps something happened that has put him into a position to have to file bankruptcy. i.e. divorce, medical bills. So, I do hate to jump to conclusions that he simply just can't keep his shit together. But, either way, you don't ask someone to point you in the right direction after having only spoken to them for all of two minutes. Shortly after this conversation happened, I think we moved onto how many kids each of us has. His response to me not having any was something to the effect of, "It's just not realistic to think that anyone can be in a relationship and not have kids." And, I'm done.