Wednesday, September 7, 2016

California (9/1-9/6)

I just got back from an amazing trip to California to visit my BFFF. Lots of sunshine which is evident by my sunburn and peeling. But, so worth it!

The first day, we went straight to Yolanda's which is this amazing Mexican restaurant. Not to mention the view isn't too shabby. 

Later that evening, we went to the beach and walked in the sand and watched the sunset. The weather there is my perfection. No a.c. needed and no humidity! 

The second day we went kayaking and to the beach (I got burnt). OH EM GEE! Most amazing experience ever. Pictures nor words can explain how peaceful and beautiful it was.

We even got to see seals sunbathing! 

The third day, we had lunch at Sea Fresh. Again, the view was amazing. 

had jumbo shrimp cocktail and fish tacos. 

After lunch, we went kayaking again. The kayaks were uber uncomfortable at this place, the water was a little more rough, and the channel was super busy so we didn't stay out as long. But, still beautiful.  

After kayaking, we went to a bar and sat on the patio. I had cheesecake and Stacia had beer. Ha!

The view from the bar was of course amazing. 

That night, we went to the pier. Lots of fisherman...

...and, endless ocean. Again, pictures can't capture the beauty or the smell of the ocean. 

The fourth day, Stacia drove us to Santa Barbara to eat lunch. I had halibut tacos. These were so good. 

This was the view in Santa Barbara during lunch. 

The beach in Santa Barbara... 

After lunch we stopped and got Pinkberry. I don't even love ice cream, but Pinkberry is the most magical thing ever. 

Notre Dame was playing their first game of the season later that evening, so we went to The Yardhouse and watched the game. After sitting there for four hours, you get hungry again and order sweet potato fries. 

I know it's weird to sit in a bar and watch football on vacation, but this was actually one of my favorite things. Sitting at a bar with Stacia is what we do. We had fun and the bartenders were all super nice. 

The last day, we went back to the beach. We took a walk down the shore so I could look at the houses. 

For my last night, we went back to the pier to watch the sunset. These photos are amazing. No filters either. 

AMAZING, RIGHT? Views like this make me ask myself why I live in Indiana and not in California.

Here's a few random pictures. 


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