Thursday, October 22, 2015

My Angel

Last night, I had dinner with Jessica, a college friend of mine. We were really close in college and even after. At one point, we lived across the hall from each other in our apartments. Over the years, we just kind of grew apart. More recently, we started talking because I got involved with essential oils.

Anyways. At dinner last night, we were talking about why I am no longer friends with Sarah that I also went to college with. I told her it stemmed from a conversation I had with her about Joey, etc. (won't go into the details). She said, well after Joey sent me that email, that's why I came to his funeral. I said, "what email?" She proceeds to tell me that when Joey was in the hospital before he passed away, he emailed her and told her he wanted us to squash the past and be friends again. Jessica said, "I never told you that?" Now, over the past month or so, it's come to my realization that I remember nothing about my 20's. I have zero long term memory on a lot of things. (I don't even drink!) I keep racking my brain trying to remember if she told me or not. Part of me is sad if she did tell me and I just don't remember. Part of me wants to not have known about this before because somehow I feel like this was a way to get a message from Joey after all these years. After he passed away, I found out he went ring shopping. I'm not sure if this was before or after we actually broke up. But, he went. He also came to my dad in his dreams shortly after he passed and told him he'd always be watching over me. Again, I kind of feel like this was another message from him that he was always watching over me then and even now.

Oh, needless to say, I became a blubbery mess in the restaurant last night after she told me.

My Guardian Angel...

In honor of Halloween...and, I guess the Cubs losing last night! Boo!

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