Wednesday, April 2, 2014


The last two and a half weeks have been mentally exhausting for me.

I started working for my current employer in December 2010.  But, before that, I worked for a large company here in Fort Wayne. I got that job through a temp agency. I only worked there for a month, but I really liked it. The girls were nice and the job wasn't too shabby.

The end of February, I got an email from one of the girls that still works at this company telling me that a position was opening up and asked if I would want to apply. I had not been looking for a job despite not having insurance with my current employer.  I was really flattered when I got that email.  So, I sent in my resume and waited. It was a good two weeks before I heard anything.  The office manager called me and we scheduled a lunch meeting.  The week after that, I went in and met with the Vice President. That same day, I got the job. It was a package deal - more money, health insurance, 401K, and bonuses.

The following day I put in my two week notice.

Last week, my current boss kept asking me to stay. He had ideas for increasing both of our incomes and offered me more money. It was not the money though. It was the insurance and added benefits. I stuck to my guns and told him no, I had to go. It wasn't easy either because I really like my boss and he's been great to me. Also, I've been a paralegal for 13 years and was about to step out of that roll and into something new. That was scary for me too.  Last week we interviewed four people and had a fifth on Monday.

Late Monday morning, I get an email from my boss with bullet points that laid out an increase in salary, a "stay here" bonus, more vacation, and ideas on how we were going to increase both of our incomes.  I texted my dad immediately and then called him. Here's what my dad said when he answered the phone:

Dad: "Hi."
Me: "Hello."
Dad: "Well you can put that cardboard box back."
Me: "What?!"
Dad: "You can put that cardboard box back that you were going to use to pack your shit up in because you're staying with [insert boss's name]."

After I got off the phone with my dad, I called my mom. My mom was literally cracking up laughing because she couldn't believe it. Having talked with both my parents, I had made my decision.

We had an interview that morning and it was only about 25 mins until the woman was supposed to show up. I took her resume into my boss's office...

Me: "Do you want to call this woman and tell her you're no longer looking for an assistant?"
Boss: look of confusion.... "Why do I not need an assistant anymore?"
Me: Silence
Boss: He finally looks up at me and says, "does that mean you're staying?"
Me: "Yes."

He gave me the biggest hug ever.  Later that afternoon, I called the office manager at the company and told her what had happened and apologized profusely.  She was very understanding and said she knew I had to do what was best for me.

What changed, is that he put his offer into an email. It wasn't just "talk." It's been two days since I decided to stay and I'm happy with my decision.  No regrets -- thank goodness. It was by far the hardest decision I think I've ever had to make; at least professionally.

It's amazing what a raise can do and knowing you're appreciated.  I feel like I'm walking around with a little extra pep in my step.

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