Monday, January 13, 2014

The Untethered Soul

On a whim, I went to Barnes & Noble on New Year's Day to look through their self improvement/self-help books. I found most of the books to be written by people I'd much rather not take advice from or they were more workbook type. I finally settled on this one book that was pink. I don't recall who it was written by or what the title even was. I was just about to walk away when I picked up The Untethered Soul by Michael Singer. I turned to chapter 15 titled "the path of unconditional happiness." I was instantly sold. I put the pink book back and went to pay. 

Since, I've read the entire book.  I admit, it took me a few weeks because I really wanted to process what it was saying. I have decided that if I want to continue working on myself, I need to read this book again...and again... So, I'm going to read a chapter a day (or at least try to). I want to really process everything this book has to offer me. I am realizing that I can't change everything around me. I have no control over most of it. I need to change and work on my inner-self. And, that's my plan for 2014.

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