Tuesday, October 8, 2013

30 Day Blog Challenge - Day 5

What is the biggest misconception you think people have about single life?

That sums it all up right there.  I believe this was made based on my life.  Ha.  Too funny.  

On a serious note though, my first response would be that single people are either lonely or, they enjoy their freedom.  BUT, I think it depends on the specific single person we're talking about.  

I'd like to rework this question a bit to read "what is the biggest misconception about my being single for eight years?"

I definitely think guys judge me when they find out I've been single for eight years.  They tend to think that maybe I'm a bit cray cray because I haven't been in a relationship for eight years.  They think that something must be wrong with me being that I'm 34 years old, no kids, and never married.  I wish they would think of it as a good trait.  This also goes back to a prior blog I wrote.  I had went on a date with a guy that I was set up with.  I thought the date went well.  Much to my surprise it did not.  The guy that set us up, told me that guys tend to date down; not up.  Meaning that because I am 34 years old, no kids, and never married (not to mention I don't drink or do drugs) that it was just too much for him.  Now, I know that's a bunch of crap because if he were a real man, that would not have intimidated him.  So, I'm OK with it not having worked out.  

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