Sunday, August 25, 2013


I've written a few blogs about forgiveness. It's definitely something I struggle with.  I am a very sensitive person and take things very personal and always have. I've also written a few blogs about what happened with me and Joey's best friend, Carlos and his wife, Dana. It seems lately they've been popping up everywhere.  A FB friend of mine has posted a few pictures of her son and their kids together. Most recently, a friend of mine who does photography on the side took their family pictures. That really got under my skin. I wonder if Dana knows that her husband used to try to hit on Jessica? Bet she would have rethought her taking their family pictures. Last Saturday, I saw Carlos at the mall. Then, yesterday, the whole family was literally walking right in front of me at the zoo.

What definitely hurts the most is not the actual accusations Dana made about me BUT that the accusations were told to Joey's family and who knows who else.

What I do know is that her accusations are 100% false, that my real friends and family know the truth, and most importantly that Joey knows the truth as he watches over all of us. 

I think forgiveness comes easier for some. I think it's something you have to allow yourself to do. I know one day I will forgive them both. I'm just not there yet.

"I want to forgive you and I want to forget you."