Thursday, July 25, 2013

Chronicles of My Life

I cannot believe it's almost August and that the kids go back to school in about a month.  Where does the summer go anymore?  I have to say, that I've had a pretty good summer so far.  I've seen lots of fireworks, swam with friends and family, and even did a little fishing at my dad's.  I had a good birthday too.  With the weather being as nice as it has been, it's been hard to sit inside at work.  I should seriously consider moving to a Country where they take the summer months off.  Any suggestions?

I'm officially taking a dating sabbatical.  Well, sort of.  I hung out with this one guy a few times.  We went out to eat, watched movies, and then one night he says he's on his way over to my house and..... *crickets*

Yep, he never showed.  I texted him twice and never heard back.  Who does that?!?! Just when I was about to delete my online dating profile, a guy emailed me and asked me to get ice cream.  After I got his number, I did delete my profile (and it's still deleted).  We did go get ice cream which was nice.  Since, I've been to his house twice and we cooked out and watched movies.  He works a lot and hasn't put a whole lot of effort into making plans with me or texting me.  So, at this point, I'm just whatever about it.  If he calls/texts and asks to do something then I will.  But, I can't be the only one putting in the effort.

I've really been struggling with dating life lately.  Yes, I know, I've been struggling for almost 8 years.  But, more so recently, I've been struggling with who should text first?  How much do you show you care without looking desperate?  How often should you see this person?  I just don't remember dating being  this hard before.  I've literally been Googling dating advice.  Seems as though all of my friends each have their own opinions.  So, that's just more confusing.  Ha!

Anywho...the chronicles of Rachel's dating life is to be continued....

Hmm...that's a catchy new title for my blog...

Monday, July 8, 2013

Wine and Canvas

Er...Root Beer and Canvas?

The new fad around town and perhaps around other cities as well is Wine and Canvas.  I started seeing people post pictures of their paintings on Facebook.  My sister and step-mom attended a class and I couldn't believe how awesome their paintings turned out.  For my birthday this past Friday, a few girlfriends and I attended one of the classes.  Wine and Canvas has their own studio out southwest in Time Corners and it's really nice.

So, here is the picture that we were going to be painting...

And, here are a few step-by-step pictures...

And here's my final painting... 

Now that I look at the two side-by-side, there's no blue in the professional painting.  But, she didn't really have us get rid of all of the blue.  Needless to say, it was fun.  And, I think my painting still turned out great.  In fact, it's now hanging in my bathroom.  

If you're interested in doing Wine and Canvas, they're on Facebook or you can just Google the name.