Monday, May 13, 2013

First Stop; the Crazy Train

I've said it before, and I'll say it again people.  I cannot make this stuff up.

Probably the first time I got on this specific dating website, I met this guy (not in person).  I don't really recall what happened.  I do recall he has a son and that posed a conflict with us trying to get together because of our work schedules too.  Over the course of the time that I have set up my online account and deleted and repeat, I haven't heard from him.  Well, about two weeks ago he emailed me.  He said he still wanted to try to meet up.  I said, I would be open to that.  We got back to our conflict though.  I work 8 to 5, and he works part second and third shift so he leaves shortly after I get off of work.  He also has his son a lot on the weekends.  So, we definitely have a scheduling issue.  I even mentioned doing lunch one day and he never addressed the issue.  I heard from him a week ago.  We texted nonsense back and forth but nothing was mentioned about getting together.  

Now today... 

Guy: "G" 
Me: "M" 

G: Hey what are you doing today? 

M: I'm working :(  

G: Oh...well never seems like we will meet.  Every time I ask you don't respond.  So take care.  I tried. If you ever change your mind let me know. 

M: I never respond? I haven't gotten any msgs from you until today. And I work everyday from 8 to 5 and you leave at 6, right? Last time we texted I mentioned doing lunch because I work 8 to 5 or doing something on a weekend when you don't have your son.  So, needless to say I'm confused by your text msg. 

G: And I've text 3 or 4 times since then. 

M: You have???? I promise you I have not gotten them.  I know that's so clique to say, " I didn't get your msgs" but I promise you I haven't. 

G: Yeah it's cool. 

M: It doesn't make sense that I'd ignore you and now respond.  So I guess you choose to believe me or not. I've always been up to meeting you.  I just know our schedules are crazy.  

G: Your messages are backwards. 

M: How so? 

G: The end of your messages u get first.  (assuming he meant "I" instead of "u") 

M: ?? I think my phone is sabotaging me.  Ha.  I don't know why they would be backwards. 

G: It's fine. 

M: Well you're clearly already irritated with me.  So it doesn't matter what I say.  All I know is I haven't gotten any texts from you.  

Did this guy get off work this morning ready to start a fucking fight with me or someone who'd partake?  What the fuck was the point of texting me in the first place?  A) According to him, I hadn't responded to his last 3 or 4 text messages; B) If he wasn't going to move past it if I did respond, then why waste your time and mine?

I don't know what guys want.  Honestly, I can't even put that on just "guys."  People don't know what they want.  Maybe he was looking for me to beg to forgive me that I hadn't responded to his messages and to please find time to see me.  Why the fuck would I do that?  And, why don't you pout some more?  I mean the "Yeah it's cool" and "It's fine" messages are so fucking lame and immature.  He's lucky I had some tact and didn't go off.  Good Lord.  

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