Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Vision Board

I've been thinking about doing a vision board for quite some time.  But, I wasn't too keen on the idea of getting a poster board and cutting up magazines.  Where am I going to put it? So, I thought I'd take pictures off of the internet and put them into a blog post.  A twenty-twelve vision board you might say.

First and foremost, I want to be happy. I need to teach myself how to be happy and not dwell on what isn't.

Second, I want a job where I'm shown appreciation.

I want one of these so I can eventually....
....have this. And,

this.  (OK, it doesn't have to be a mansion :))

But, curly stairs would be amazeballs.

All while continuing to work on being happy.

Monday, October 8, 2012

Rachel's Favorite Things

I saw on Facebook today that some "liked" a website called Bravelets. Another great website that donates sale proceeds to charities. Here's the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation bracelet. Although it is a bit more pricey than the Pura Vida Bracelets.


Thursday, October 4, 2012

Rachel's Favorite Things

Kendra Wilkinson (yes, one of Hugh Hefner's ex-girlfriends) posted a link on her Twitter page about this website that sells bracelets for various charities.  I immediately crossed my fingers that Cystic Fibrosis was one of those charities.  Not only is CF one of the charities but, most of the bracelets are only $5.  You do have to place a $20 order, but it's really not that hard to spend $20.  I actually got two and then Krystal and Stacia each ordered one too.  It's $1 per bracelet for shipping and handling.  So cheap!! Click here ----->  Pura Vida Bracelets.

I got my bracelets today. I got just a plain grey color to wear daily and the purple Cystic Fibrosis one.

Rated R

I'm titling this blog post "Rated R" because there's going to be some f-bombs dropped.  Just saying...

Usually, I will go into all of the details of a story (a. because I'm wordy and b. it tends to make the story better) but, I'm not going to this time. 

Someone I went to high school with sent me this message yesterday on Facebook in the midst of having a conversation about me/men/relationships, etc.

"I think you scare men away talking about marriage. Or the fact you don't have baggage it bad habits like drinking it puts pressure to be perfect." (Translation: Or the fact you don't have baggage and bad habits like drinking, it puts pressure on MEN to be perfect)

I'm sitting at work when I read this and I instantly started shaking.  I know what he's saying is completely fucking bullshit.  When I find a real MAN who wants to be in a relationship, he will appreciate that I don't have a bunch of kids running around with a bunch of different men.  Not to mention, never once have I perceived myself as being "perfect" because I don't drink.  It would be completely unrealistic for me to think that because I don't drink, others shouldn't.  And, if that's what someone thinks after I tell them I don't drink before actually getting to know me, then we're better off not being in each others lives. 

So, after he sent me that message, all I said in return was "That doesn't even warrant a response."

He said, "Why is that? These cats now says date down not up. It's easier to a. be s fuck up b. do what they want without judgement and c. fill like the superior being in the relationship." (Translation: (P.S. it took me 24 hours to figure out what he was trying to say) "These cats now days date down, not up.  It's easier to a) be a fuck up; b) do what they want without judgment and; c) feel like the superior being in the relationship.")

Let me get this straight then.  Guys date down because lets say a crackhead won't care if the dude has a job, car, his own place, goals, values, drinks, smokes and parties?  And that way, he can feel like he's the "superior" one in the relationship because the woman is a crackhead, momma to five different babies with five different dads.  By all means, he can't feel superior if a woman doesn't have those five different babies with five different dads, a job, a car, her own place and God for bid, she doesn't drink.   

Again, I realize that what he said is extremely inaccurate for someone of character and class.  However, did I cry my eyes out the majority of the night? Absolutely.  Why?  Because it hurt my feelings.  Because I take pride in being thirty three years old with no kids and never having drank. 

In the end, fuck you and fuck your theory on relationships.  I'm proud to be who I am.  And, if it takes till I'm 80 years old to find someone who appreciates me for who I am, then so be it.


I'll admit, I bring on a lot of my douchebaggery posts by assocating myself with douchebags.  But, this one was not my fault.  HA.

A few months ago, I went to a girlfriend's house for game night.  I met some new people and became friends with one of them on Facebook.  Last week, I posted a status update about how I had not been sleeping very well.  And, then this email conversation happened.

B = Boy
R = Rachel

B: "Hey you ok? Also I have not seen you in forever what do you do on weekends?"

I find this statement/question odd because we've never seen each other until we met at game night.

R: "Just extremely stressed about work. And, rejection after rejection from boys. When I don't sleep, I get all emotional. I don't usually do much on weekends. Most of my friends have kids. So... How's having a fiance going? Have you guys set a wedding date?"

His girlfriend came to game night as well.  Very sweet girl.  She's now his fiance. 

B: "Oh man so sorry. Well so far have a fiancé is going great but like anything else it has its stress moments as well. The date is 10-11-13. Well if you ever want to hang or talk hit me up I'm good at listening. Where do you live anyways what area of town?? What kinda guys you into?"

R: "Thanks. I live right across the street from ****** in ****** Apts. Obviously, I'm attracted to all of the wrong guys. But, I do prefer to date black men."
B: "Oh ok cool. Alright ill keep that in mind. Wanna date me??? Lol just trying to make ya smile. :)"

R: "I just laughed out loud....at work. Ha. Thanks."

B: "Thanks idk if I should laugh at that or be sad for you laughing at the question :)"

R: "Well it's not a serious question so no reason to be sad."

B: "Well what if it was??? Lol"

I'm officially over this conversation at this point and pissed.  I just said I was tired of rejection and I attracted all of the wrong guys.  Why are you being a douche now?  I immediately sent this email to our mutual friend.  I really thought she'd email me back and say that's him, he's just being funny.  Nope.  She was in complete shock and agreed with me that it was inappropriate.  I never responded to him.  A few minutes later, he sent this...

B: "Anyways hope you have a better day."