Friday, September 21, 2012

Not So Bright and Shiny - Part II

I first blogged about this woman and her journey with her son, Conner here

Today I posted this on Facebook:

A while back, I came across this woman's blog who at the time, had 3 boys. One of which had CF and Prune Belly Syndrome. I followed her blog daily among hundreds of others through her journey to losing her son, Connor at the age of 7. This woman has a way of making you feel what she's feeling. I'd read her blogs and cry through each one. After a while, I stopped reading. When I went back to catch up on how she was doing, I read that she was pregnant with a baby girl. Sitting here at work just now thinking about how she's doing so I went to catch up again. I'm scrolling through and I see pictures of her daughter, Brynlee with IV's and tubes and I'm thinking to myself, OMG, what happened? And, then I read this: "at 5 days old our sweetie was rushed to surgery. and the next few weeks we spent giving her TPN for nutrition, praying her GI would start working, teaching her to feed and then ultimately received the genetic test results that she infact has CYSTIC FIBROSIS…"

I just closed my eyes and took a deep breath. If you ever want to know why I continue to fight, this is why.

If you're interested in following her journey, go to Not So Bright and Shiny.