Thursday, May 10, 2012

Language Barrier

Since my sister is getting married, we've been on the hunt for bridesmaid dresses.  I found a really cute one on eBay.  According to the measurement chart, I wasn't sure if I should order the dress based on my bust or my waist size.  So, I emailed the Seller. 

Me: Hello - My sister is getting married and so we want to purchase three of the orange dresses. Wanted your advice though on the sizes. For example for me, my bust size would match up with the large. But, my waist and size of dress I wore for another wedding would have me as an XL or even higher. What do you suggest we base our sizes on? Thank you, Rachel

Seller: I'm so sorry that,you can check our size measurements before you buy it.Thank you so much for your interesting.  Have a nice day!  sincerely yours
               Didn't realize the Seller was from China : (
Me: What? That's what I'm asking. When looking at the size measurements, should we look more at the bust or waist?
Seller: Hi,my friend.For your size,please choose our size XL.the Bust of the dress is strechable but the waist isn't strechable.Please just write us back if you have any question,we will try our best to solve that. Have a great day! Sincerely yours
Not going to lie.  I was a little worried with what the Seller's response was going to be.  Thankfully, she answered me. 


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Because it's hilarious. OMG, I was annoyed when she emailed me back the first time.