Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Unofficial Mad Ants Blog - "Keeping Up With The NBA"

Before the season even started, I set up Google alerts for "Mad Ants." I can't believe how many alerts I get daily. I can't seem to keep up with all of the changes that go on daily in the NBA.

Shortly after the season started, Walker Russell, Jr., Ron Howard, Darnell Lazare and Cameron Jones were called up for NBA training camps. Walker went to Detroit, Ron to Milwaukee, Darnell to Indiana and Cam to Miami. As of today, the Ants have reacquired all of these players, but Darnell. I am so happy for these guys that they have had a chance to participate in training camps and to be able to learn from some of the greatest NBA players. I wish each and every one of them would get to play on an NBA team. But, until that happens, I am so happy they play for Fort Wayne. They are all really great humble guys who bring so much to Fort Wayne.

I wish continued luck and success to Darnell who is still with the Pacers and recently called up, Chris Hunter who is in training camp with the Knicks. (P.S. Chris, can you tell Carmelo Anthony and La La I said, "hi!" Thanks :))

Good luck at tomorrow's game and Fridays game. I'll be rooting from behind my computer Thursday night and in person on Friday night.

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