Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Unofficial Mad Ants Blog - "Keeping Up With The NBA"

Before the season even started, I set up Google alerts for "Mad Ants." I can't believe how many alerts I get daily. I can't seem to keep up with all of the changes that go on daily in the NBA.

Shortly after the season started, Walker Russell, Jr., Ron Howard, Darnell Lazare and Cameron Jones were called up for NBA training camps. Walker went to Detroit, Ron to Milwaukee, Darnell to Indiana and Cam to Miami. As of today, the Ants have reacquired all of these players, but Darnell. I am so happy for these guys that they have had a chance to participate in training camps and to be able to learn from some of the greatest NBA players. I wish each and every one of them would get to play on an NBA team. But, until that happens, I am so happy they play for Fort Wayne. They are all really great humble guys who bring so much to Fort Wayne.

I wish continued luck and success to Darnell who is still with the Pacers and recently called up, Chris Hunter who is in training camp with the Knicks. (P.S. Chris, can you tell Carmelo Anthony and La La I said, "hi!" Thanks :))

Good luck at tomorrow's game and Fridays game. I'll be rooting from behind my computer Thursday night and in person on Friday night.

Monday, December 5, 2011

Unofficial Mad Ants Blog - "Only My Opinion"

The 2011-12 season is definitely off to a good start. The Ants are three games in with two wins under their belt. 

I have been really interested in learning about the new guys and what they will be bringing to our team this year. Of course, this is all merely my opinion so any of you naysayers out there, don't go ripping my head off.

With Cameron Jones scoring 21 points his first game, he may have set the bar high for himself, but I think he can continue to reach that level of success and will only get better with time. I do not think we have even begun to see Tory Jackson's full potential. I think he's going to soak up a lot of knowledge from the vets and end the season a star. I am still waiting to see what Sadiel Rojas and Antonio Smith can do. Maybe they have already shown us and I just have not noticed it yet. Again, only my opinion.

I also think our vets are playing really well. Walker Russell, Jr. is always going to be the front runner. I hope Corey Allmond keeps hitting those three's like he is notorious for and once Ron Howard's foot heels, we will be golden.

 Just got a Google alert that Walker Russell, Jr. has been called up to join the Detroit Piston's training camp. Congrats Walk. If anyone deserves it, you do.

I was really impressed with the turnout we had for opening night. The Coliseum was definitely packed. But again, Fort Wayne does have the best fans in the NBA D-League. It was so peaceful too without Chris Kramer's Mom screaming at the refs and players. I would personally like to thank you Mrs. Kramer for making the game that much more enjoyable.

I thought the opening video on the JumboTron was absolutely hilarious. Definitely a laugh out loud video. However, after reading Jeff Potter's blog today, it seems as though some fans do not have the same opinion. There were also some complaints as to the diversity of the Madam Ants dance team. I think that is a bit ridiculous. I guess if you do not think it is diverse enough maybe you should tryout next year?

On to game four Wednesday. Good luck Ants!!!!