Monday, October 24, 2011

life shouldn't feel like you're constantly playing telephone

Remember playing telephone in elementary school? The teacher would come up with a story and tell the first kid at the front of the class.  Each kid would tell the person next to them what the previos kid had told them.  By the time the last kid in class heard the story, it was not even remotely close to what the teacher had originally said.  Proving that a conversation/rumors can change from person to person. 

For as long as I can remember, I have always taken things very personally.  I am not sure if I have gotten better over the years, or if I have just gotten better blowing things off and hiding how I feel. I never was that person that wanted everyone to like me. In fact, I'm the exact opposite. However, and I'm sure I speak for most people, it drives me bat shit crazy when people think I did or said something in which I did not do or say. Prime example? The dramarama with Carlos and Dana.

Moving on from that... today while at work, I spoke with a client and had what I thought was a good conversation. At 4:59 p.m. today I am called into the conference room. I was told that a very inappropriate comment was made to a client today. My mind raced back to all my conversations and did not recall any not going well or a client being angry about something. Come to find out, it was the client I had called earlier. Either she completely misunderstood what I said, or she blantantly lied about our conversation.  Either way, she went out of her way to call my boss's wife and tell her about a conversation that absolutely did not happen. I'm not sure if I'm more pissed off that this happened, or that my bosses would honestly think I would say such a thing. I've worked at my job for almost a year. They don't know me well enough to know I would never say such a thing? And to be told that the big boss is going to be furious when he finds out makes me even more upset because I really respect him.  Of course, I told my boss that is completely not what I said and that she must have misunderstood me. It's my word against hers and again, that makes me go bat shit crazy.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011


I consider myself lucky growing up and going to school in the 80's - 90's. Sure there were kids that teased and bullied other kids.  I was always being teased for my chubby cheeks. I remember when I got glasses in the fifth grade my teacher told me that if anyone made fun of me I was to tell her.  But, being teased then is not the same as it is now.  With the use of the internet, bullies are using social networks to attack others.  It seems as though hiding behind a computer makes them feel tougher. 

I am currently on Facebook and Twitter.  I do not block any of my tweets. I like the idea that I can send out a question and in seconds have a response. I like talking to complete strangers about how crazy The Real Housewives of New Jersey was the night before.  If it weren't for Twitter, I would never have gotten offered to be the fan blogger for the Mad Ants. 

I have had a few nasty comments from people on Twitter, but it's usually been about the shows that I am watching or the celebs that I like. Until last night. Here's what happened.

Me: Tyson Beckford shirtless on The T.O. Show. Yes, please.

Bully: HOE

Me: I'm a hoe?

Bully: yup

Me: Because I said yes please to Beckford w/o a shirt? Pretty harsh stmt for someone you don't know.

Bully: Yeah because the dude is gay and you sitting up there saying yess sounds pretty desperate if you ask me

Me: Ha. Thanks for the laugh
               at this point, my friend on Twitter chimes in the conversation

Bully:  yeah we can say girls look good with their shirt off but not yall (talking about me and my friend)

Bully: who the fuck are you? (he says this to my friend)

Bully: Girl you better get the fuck out of my mentions and go back to trying to see if OCHO CINCO will follow you GD!!! (he says this to my friend)

Me: I'm confused. U invited me into your timeline by tweeting me 1st. Saying a man looks good w/o a shirt does not make me a hoe.

Bully: yes thats the truth it sounds desperate ma (says this to me)

Bully: You act like a racist no offense (says this to me)

I think I got all of the tweets on here from all three of us. At this point, me and my friend block him from our Twitter page. SO, he signs into another Twitter page he has and steals my friend's avatar picture, posts it to his Twitter page and says, "HOW COULD A BITCH LOOK THIS UGLY?"

So, now we've blocked both of his Twitter pages. And, side note, he hit "follow" on both of our Twitter pages. You're attacking me and now you want to follow me?!

On my Twitter page, I have my blog URL posted. This Bully went to my blog, saw the link to my Facebook page and sent me not one, but two friend requests. One from his personal Facebook page AND then another that had my profile picture.

At this point, I was a little scared. I got up and blocked the Facebook profiles and then reported the one with my picture to Facebook. Luckily, I got an email this morning that says they shut down that Facebook page. Just now, I saw that he sent me an email from that Facebook page (before it was cancelled) that said "racist ass."

I am absolutely disgusted at the lengths this guy went to not only to attack me but invade my personal space by stealing my picture. 

Today, I have looked at his Twitter timeline and it appears as though he attacks a lot of people. He is calling people gay but with the "f" word. He is telling people they're ugly, etc. What I do not understand is that he is following over 56,000 people while being followed by over 60,000 people. He also has sent over 133,000 tweets.  If you know anything about Twitter, you know this is a bit extreme.

As I'm sitting here typing this blog entry, I'm watching Dr. Phil.  Today's topic? Bullying. This kid killed himself after being bullied by his peers for years. His sister goes to the school dance and these bullies scream at her and tell her they are glad her brother killed himself.

I'm so sadden inside. It makes me want to do something. It makes me want to get out and be a voice for kids. I am really considering looking into any type of volunteering. 

If there are parents reading this. I beg you. Talk to your kids. Instill confidence, self-worth, self-esteem. Even more importantly, talk to them about how to treat others. Please.

"Do unto others as you would have them do unto you"

Monday, October 3, 2011


One of the many reasons I love Twitter is that I read some of the greatest quotes. A lot of them I get from "The Single Woman." Here are two of my most recent favs.

"It is human to sometimes want to seek vengeance but it is not yours. Those who wrong us suffer through their own karma. No sense in tainting yours." -- I like this one a lot because I have been considering emailing Carlos and getting my thoughts/feelings out. But, I think I'll let karma run its course.

"Just because you miss someone doesn't mean you should be with them." -- Love this one. Sometimes common sense isn't so common.