Tuesday, September 27, 2011

I can't make this stuff up.

One day I hope to look back at all of these blog entries about men and dating and have a good laugh. Until then, here's another.

I went to Champions a few weekends ago with Stacia to watch the Purdue game.  When I got there, I recognized one of the servers.  We got to talking and realized we went to middle school together.  We didn't talk a lot, but when he went to leave he said to come back and see him soon. When he said it though he stuttered.  Stacia, said I made him nervous.

In the days to come, I looked him up in my yearbook because I did not know what his last night was.  Of course, I looked him up on Facebook too but didn't find him. I don't go to Champions much either that I thought I would see him again anytime soon. So, I thought I'll call Champions and see if he's working and just say hey you know if you're not dating anyone maybe we could hang out. Something to that effect.  So, I called yesterday and he was not working. I called today and he was working. He came to the phone and I basically said just that...this is Rachel, I was in a few weeks ago and we went to middle school together. I said, I'm not sure if you're dating anyone, and if you're not maybe we could hang out.  He was like are you just looking for booty. I died laughing and said no, I'm looking for a relationship. He was like OK, just checking.  I gave him my number and he said he'd call me.  I would say within fifteen minutes he texted me and here's our conversation. Albeit very short.

Him: I'm not looking for anything serious right now, is that a problem?
Me: Well I'm not looking for anything casual. So I guess that's a problem. Ha.
Him: Lol we'll c
Him: R u sure it will i fun? (English please!)
Me: I hope you didn't think I'm crazy for calling. 
Me: Yes I'm sure.  I've been single for a long time and I want to be in a relationship.
Him: Can't we just play together? I would like that
Me: No. Sorry. At least we're both honest so we know what we both want.
Him: Ok sorry

Yeah ...

Update: Just found out today that this guy quit Champions and is in a steady relationship.

Monday, September 26, 2011

My Unofficial Mad Ants Blog

Blogging and writing has always come pretty natural for me. I just type what I feel and think. Simple, right? Well, now that I have been asked to be the fan blogger for the Mad Ants, I have put pressure on myself to be witty, funny and informative. I cannot promise that I will be any of those things, but I am going to try so hang in there my loyal followers.

I have lived in Fort Wayne my whole life. I think living here, you definitely have to be creative in finding things to do around the city. Although I believe Fort Wayne is a good size city, it is definitely not New York or Chicago. Last year, my best friend and I went to our first ever Mad Ants game. Now granted, I am a huge NBA fan and she is a huge Purdue fan so naturally, she was really excited to see Chris Kramer play. Let's just say we went to that one game and were instant fans. I will say that It definitely helps to go to as many games as you can so you get to know the players. It makes it more real when you realize the heart these guys have and that they really do play with injuries and being completely exhausted from being on the road all day.

With the 2011-12 season right around the corner, I have been very anxious to see what players will return and what new players the team will acquire. Recently, news was released that Chris Hunter, Ron Howard and Walker Russell, Jr. have signed with the Ants for the upcoming season. I am excited to see Chris Hunter play. I only saw him play a few games last year and then he suffered a torn Achilles tendon (OUCH!!). Hunter has had two call-ups; one to the New York Knicks and one to the Golden State Warriors. He is definitely going to bring (and has brought) a lot to the team.

Ron Howard aka "Mr. Mad Ant" has played for the Ants since their first season. Although he only played eight games with the team last year after coming back from Australia, he definitely contributed a lot of points and meshed really well with the guys. He may be just one of the most humble guys I have ever met. And, let's be honest, the man is easy on the eyes.

Walker Russell, Jr. has not only been an NBA D-League All-Star twice, he also broke the NBA D-League record for assists in a season. The man is a beast. I definitely think he gets the team hyped up and definitely shows the other guys that hard work does payoff. When returning last year from playing in China, Walk had lots of diamonds around his neck. Would I have gotten diamond cartoon characters to put around my neck? Nah. But, Walk still rocked it.

I'll be honest, I do not have a lot of money to spend on extra-curricular activities. Who does these days? Going to a Mad Ants game is totally inexpensive. If you are going with a group of people, meet at HH Gregg and car pool over so you can split the $4.00 parking fee (SHHHHH!). Plus the tickets are very inexpensive. If you follow the Mad Ants on Facebook and Twitter, they are always giving away free tickets too.

Less than two months until tip-off (but who is counting)!!!!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Dream A Little Dream

I feel like I've been dreaming more than I ever have. I also feel like I've had some of the most vivid dreams I've ever had. And, I feel like I've had more dreams that somehow relate to my life whether subconsciously or consciously.  Some of the dreams have literally given me horrible anxiety all day. You know those dreams that stay with you all day long?

I blogged in the past about a dream I was having about gum (click here to read).  I'm still having that dream. I'm not sure it's gum that's getting stuck in my mouth though. It's like I'm pulling my tongue out and the more I pull the more it starts to hurt (gosh, typing that makes me sound a bit crazy).

Recently, I had a dream about Carlos calling me and asking me if we could talk. I'm not sure how long ago I had that dream. I mean it's been within weeks, but I literally throughout the days have to stop and remind myself that it was just a dream. I can't seem to get the mindset that he didn't really call.

I can't remember if I blogged about this in the past or not, but I also dream about Joey frequently. It's the same type of dream too. It's like he "comes back" and no one knows how long he'll be here for. I call and I call and he won't return my calls. I text him and get no return text messages.  There's never a resolution or ending to the dream. But it's always the same concept. I think to myself sometimes that if he hadn't passed away and was just away and he came back, would he want me in his life. I think if he did, I would scoop him up and never let him out of  my sight again.  Sometimes I wonder if he was still here if we'd be married or even together. I have no doubt that we'd be friends. But I'm not sure if we'd be more than friends.

My biggest fear is that no one will ever love me the way he did.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

The Fast & the Furious

I swear my Dad is one of the funniest people I know. This happened Friday and my sister and I are still laughing about it.

I stopped at my Dad’s to give him my rental car and then Jennifer took me to Don Ayres to get my car. My Dad was taking the rental back for me. So, we go to pull away from the house and my Dad’s throwing up his arms. I’m like what’s wrong (thinking he didn’t see the key)? He’s like where is the seat belt? I said, oh yeah, it falls to the bottom of the strap so you have to dig for it. Since we’re both going the same way, he pulls up next to me and my sister. Mind you, he’s driving my rental which is a small grey four door Chevy Cobalt (I felt like I was back driving my black Chevy Spectrum with  matching black hubcaps). So, the light turns green, and he floors it which makes him peel out. OMG, it was the funniest thing. Jennifer could barely drive because she’s laughing so hard. So, then we get to the next stop light and we pull up to him and I said it smells like stale McDonald’s french fries. He said, “yeah now that I think about.” OMG, hilarious.