Monday, May 16, 2011

In the words of Khloe Kardashian. This is a "cray-cray" story.

So I recently joined a dating website that my sister suggested to me.  I started talking to this guy who seemed really nice.  We were going to meet on Monday night, and while deciding where to go, he mentioned that he had never been treated by a woman before.  I was completely thrown off. Where did he come up with this and why is he mentioning this before we even go out? I was dumbfounded. He finally apologized and we squashed it. But, by then, I was annoyed and decided Monday wasn't going to be the night.  So, we decided on Wednesday night for coffee, but I had a migraine which carried over to Thursday. So, we ended up going out Friday night.  We were to meet at 6:30 p.m. at Starbucks. Well, he was running late (go figure) and so we decided on 7:30 p.m. at Applebees.  He texted me and asked if we could do Chili's (which I hate), but I said that was cool. So we meet at Chili's at 7:30 p.m.  He was very nice and we had good conversation.  He just seemed a bit too eager for me.  He told me a dozen times I was beautiful and he couldn't believe we were actually out.  He did end up paying for our dinner which was what $30.00? I needed to go to Target to get some stuff before the walk on Saturday, so we drove together to Target and walked around.  While browsing the electronic department, there was a TV that had the football draft on. He says, "that should be me and you. Me playing football and you in the stand with our two kids." Wait. What?? I said, "uh, I don't want any kids." He proceeds to say he doesn't either.  I just thought that was a bit much.  So, we checkout at Target and get back in the car.  It was only 9:30 p.m. by now.  I wanted to just go home and put my pj's on and relax.  I still had somewhat of a headache and was tired.  So, I asked him if he wanted to come over and watch TV for a bit and then I had to go to bed early because of the walk the next day.  He took me back to my car, and he followed me to my house.  We watched the basketball game and he talked. Literally. Dude, didn't shut up for even two seconds.  He just kept saying things that were wholly inappropriate for a first date.  It's like he's trying to hard to find someone to love.  So, after the game, I was like it's time for me to go to bed. He says, "OK, let's go." I said yeah, by myself. So, he slowly gets his shoes on and I walk him to the door.  While he's putting his shoes on, he says so the dreaded question. When will we see each other again? I said I didn't know.  We stand outside and I give him a huge. I didn't even cuddle with him on the couch, nothing. I just began to not be so attracted to him.  He was just too much. So, he mentions a kiss. I said you can't ask for a kiss. It just has to happen. So, I gave him another hug and he's like I just don't want to leave, and I told him I needed sleep.  So, he leaves and before he gets home, he texts me and says he misses me already. Yeah, didn't text him back.  So, Saturday, my phone was broken, so I was nice and emailed him on the website telling him my phone was broken and I would text him when I got a new one hooked up. So, here's our conversations via text from Saturday night to tonight. 

"A" - him
"R" - me

Saturday Night
A: Did you get your phone fixed
R: Yes I went to Verizon and hooked up an old Blackberry and then ordered a new one.  I just got home to charge my phone.
A: Aww I'm glad it all worked out. How was your day?
R: Long!! Did the walk, went to the game for about an hour, drove to Verizon and then met everyone at Cebollas and came home. You?
A: Not much had a few jobs too do in Anderson IN came back home and did some lawn work and fell asleep just got up.  Didn't do much.  Are you feeling alot better?
R: Yes. I feel 100 percent better.  Surprised too since I was outside in the heat/humidity. 
A: Yeah it was muggy outside.  Cant wait to see you again.  Last night seemed like a movie.
R: Why a movie?
A: Cause movies always have happy endings.  You had me trapped in the 80's. I know you hate that.  (He talked about the 80's all night. He even said the best love story was the Titantic)
R: I had a good time too.  I think you're super nice and such a good guy.  I need you to take it slow tho. The "jokes" about kids, marriage, etc. can scare people.
A: Alright. No more marriage and kids joke.  Surely don't want you too be frightened.
R: I just want you to get to know me and not be so in love with being in love.  Make sense?

R: Don't apologize.  Even if we don't work out, I want you to know that it can scare girls off.
A: 1 of 6: I NO MY topics are horrible.  But I try too  relate too all.  It hasn't always worked.  But the attempt is always respectable.  Cause most men can really can; 2 of 6: careless. About how a woman feels.  They almost have no emotion. and have a face of a stone.  I'm more of the expression type full of vigor and prudence; 3 of 6: The only expression I ever want to leave in any womans mind is that he was a good man. And I know he would never hurt me in no way EVER! I feel he left; 4 of 6: that impression in all the hearts of every woman I dated But leaving that expression really does leave you lonely with many emotional night; 5 of 6: think about is that you must be doing everything wrong.  Or saying all the wrong things. But all I want to be is the type of man. That's different from her; 6 of 6: past. And too gain her respect.  But too do that the word goodbye and lets just be friends will haunt me eternal.
R: I already have the sense you're different than any man I've dated. I just want you to like a girl for who she is.  Not bc you want to find love so badly.
A: 1 of 6: I no impression seems or attitude seems like that. But its not true.  I'm not true I'm one of the very few people on the planet that knows what true love is. And I'm; 2 of 6: not desperate or trying to force it or rush it on anyone.  Love will find us.  It's nothing we control.  When that day comes it comes. I'm focused on you not; 3 of 6: love.  And enjoying the time with you. Love will take care of itself.  And be were its always been in the heart.  And its only released and set free when; 4 of 6: people choose too feel the same way about each other.  Truly straight from the heart.  That's why the divorce rate and the breakup rate between adults; 5 of 6: is so high. Its because there is usually only one person in the relationship.  And the other person has already moved on mentally.  But when two agree and; 6 of 6: their hearts connect for all the right reasons all you can do is envy.  Cause they both know it took a lot of time and trust there too get there love is the last
A: Love is the last thing on my mind.  IM NO STALKER no psycho. And I never push. I just me.
R: Good to know :) (notice my lack of enthusiasm at this point)
A: Is that what you want is just too be friends.  And just leave it at that.
R: No. I never said that. I'd like to get to know you.  Just don't want the pressure.
A: 1 of 3: I'm sorry I thought pressure was showing up too your house unannounced. Or coming to your job.  I never thought it dinner and watching basketball made you; 2 of 2: feel like I had a gun too your head.  Once again I'm sorry I'll be totally different next time.  You won't even believe it's me.  But you did say you want; 3 of 3: to get to know me.  So we won't ever have this talk again.  Is that you did only once a year?
R: Dinner and hanging out wasn't  pressure.  I said it was the comments about marriage/kids.  Don't put words in my mouth.  Yes, once a year.

Okay, so the rest of the conversation that night was just shooting the shit. Nothing special. Then, he first text me on Sunday at 12:41 p.m.  We talked on and off all day through text. Just basic conversation.  He text me at 11:13 p.m. and said, "nighty night mommy."

Here's today starting at 1:07 p.m.

A: Lunch time. How is ur day going
R: I just got back from lunch. Took an early one today.  Good and you? I was asleep last night when you text me.
A: I'm sure you was knocked out. Mine is going just fine. Better since I heard from you.
R: Yeah I go to bed pretty early.  Good. Glad to hear.
A: Tonights cuddle time
R: Oh really
A: Yes I need you its been too long
R: Ha ha (I had nothing else to say)
A: You can run but you can't hide. Your day has come.
R: Not trying to hide. However, I do have plans tonight and possibly tomorrow with friends from out of town.
A: What about me. I thought you wanted to get to know me.
R: Wow. I had these plans before we met.
A: Its cool
A: I'm just pulling your let hot mama.  Enjoy yourself. Let me know how it went
R: That's just it though.  You're not joking.  And, comments like that are wholly unnecessary.  I shouldn't be made to feel bad cause I have plans.
A: Oh my hot mama
A: 1 of 2: I was a fool too ever think I was going to see you again.  You said I was a super nice guy.  If thats not good enough to get quality time then it must be; 2 of 2: material. Usually it always is.
R: You are a super nice guy. Its only been three days and we just met.  You're pushing this way to much.  I'm the least materialistic female.  I don't see this working.

Okay, this is where it gets ugly and I stop responding to him.

6:39 p.m.
A: You never did.  I DONT MAKE 6 FIGURES or sell dope. Im the total opposite. Your been looking for a reason. To part ways from me every since the first night. But you couldn't without looking like a whore.  So you aplify everything I do to make me feel I some fuckup and doing everything wrong. Aint nothing wrong with me.  You just don't give a fuck about me. You never wanted to give a fuck about me. If you did you would ask me when am I available like I do too you.  You love yourself and money. Every whore do.  Its all about you.  Whore have male friends dont you have tons of them. You hate and dislike me cause you have no Im not a trick or a sucker and can care less about fucking you. So you have no leverage.  So just like a Devil you blame me like Im bad when you the broke ass whore.  And the worthless fuck up trying to use men for money.  IM TO OLD FOR THESE HOOKER AS GAMES GROW THE FUCK UP BITCH and get a life.

7:55 p.m.
A: Yeah just what I thought bitch. Go suck some more dick and get that rent paid. Thats why that gaps between your teeth right. Fuck off and go too hell.

8:34 p.m.
A: Just like a fucking hooker. To broke to pay for your own meal. Your life is so pathetic. You have to hustle men for meals. You have that worthless ass mean disease.  Go back Pieres where you belong with the rest of the hookers. Its full of digenerate male whores and tricks. You will be in heaven. I WISH I never meet your sorry ass. I hate fucking woman like you.  But I really hate myself for being so fucking stupid. To ever believe that a old tired ass woman like  you could be different.  Ill be blessed with a good woman one day. I just got to keep defeating whores like you. And not letting you break my pockets. I pitty the fool that dates you. He dating the fucking Devel. Go to hell bitch.

I'm not sure if he text me anymore. I went online to Verizon's website and blocked his number.

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