Friday, May 20, 2011

Me = 1 Douchebag = 0

I figured all my loyal blog readers (shoutout to the handful of you) would like a good laugh. So, remember the cray-cray guy in my last blog? I figured you would.  Well, of course, knowing when someone grows up in the same town as you, you naturally ask what high school they went to and what year they graduated.  So, he says he went to South Side and when I asked what year he graduated, he conveniently did not remember. Who doesn't remember when they graduated high school? For me, it was a magical day.  January 16, 1998 was my last day of high school. Not that I'm keeping track. OK, so I continue to ask how he does not remember when he graduated high school. He's thirty-two years old, so he must have graduated in either 1997 or 1998.  My question was never answered. No biggie.

I began to think about a friend of mine that I worked with at Target. I could not remember if he went to South Side of Snider. I texted him today and asked, and he went to South Side. I text him back and asked if he knew who so and so was. He said, "yea I remember him. Why?" Be ready to laugh...

"R" - Me
"F" - Friend

R: That's the guy in my blog!
F: GET THE FUCK OUTTA HERE!!!! He really was stupid.  Seriously.  He was a freshman in highschool for 3 years. (my guess is that trying to calculate those three extra years was just too much)
R: Are you serious??? He said he went to USC w/a scholarship to play football.
F: I'm dead serious and he didn't even play football in high school so how could he get a scholarship.
R: STFU!! (no comments Jennifer and Samantha) He said he played until he hurt his knee and came back to town and finished school.  He says he works for ***.
F: Lol. All lies.
R: OMG. I'm dying.  He's big enough to play football...dude looks like Big Black (if you don't know who Big Black is, Google him)
F: He was big enough but to stupid.  His grades weren't even good enough to stay on the team. I have a pic on my FB page showing the whole team.  Go ahead n look (first thing I did when I got home from work)
R: I'm still laughing.  What a loser.  I feel an update on my blog coming. Ha.
F: Lol please do. :)

Oh, just in case you were curious, he's not in this picture.

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