Monday, May 16, 2011

I'm Telling My Side Of The Story Now

Usually when I write blogs where I'm venting about someone, I leave their name out. You never know who is going to accidentally come across your blog and contrary to some people's beliefs, I try not to hurt people's feelings. But, yeah. I'm not in that kind of mood today. Maybe it's the PMS.
It's time for people to hear my side of the story.
Back in December, I made a very small excerpt in a blog about a girlfriend accusing me of something that is just completely insane.  Well, I'm still not over it and I'm not sure I'll ever be over it.

Joey and I were together as most of you know for quite sometime.  Joey had a lot of acquaintances and some very close friends.  There was one friend of his who I hung out with the most.  And, that was Carlos.  He was the one friend who was always there for Joey and who I believe was his closet friend (or as some may say - brother).  Carlos and I were there to lean on each other when Joey got his transplant and we were there for each other when Joey passed.  It was like he was the only one who truly knew what it felt like to lose your best friend. 
Carlos was married before we lost Joey and he has two daughters.  His wife, Dana and I were never close.  We were civil with each when the time and place called for it, but never attempted to make small talk.  Well, somehow after Joey passed, her and I got close.

Wait...go back. The day of Joey's funeral, we all went back to the Garcias'.  Carlos and Dana were to meet us there.  Carlos texted me and said they were not coming over and he would explain later.  Come to find out, Dana was pissed at him because she thought he was either flirting with me or my friends (I forget). So, they were not coming over.  Really? He was flirting with other girls on the day of his best friend's funeral?

OK, back to where I was.  I considered her one of my best friends. We went shopping together, they had me over for dinner, I went to the girls' birthday parties.  If I didn't see her for a week, I would miss her.  We always had so much fun together.  When she went back to work, I babysat their daughter for the first two days because she didn't feel well. I picked Carlos up in Indy at the airport when he flew back from California because Dana didn't feel well.  When her and Carlos went through a rough patch, she stayed at my house one night.  I always stuck up for her too when it came to their fights.  I tried to talk sense into Carlos when he wasn't right. My point is that, I was a loyal and good friend to them both. 

When Carlos was in California after his grandfather passed, Dana stayed here with the girls.  She started a few fights with Carlos while he was in California.  A high school friend of his offered to take him to a Dodgers game and Dana flipped out.  A cousin of his who is a girl by the way, had posted a comment on Facebook, and Dana got jealous. It's his cousin! So, as you've read, there's a bit of a pattern here with her jealousy.

Well, one night after not seeing them for quite some time, I stopped over at their house.  I had been working a temporary job for about three weeks.  Not once, did she ask me how my job was going.  She had just recently started working and I asked her how work was every day for at least a week.  She hadn't worked for over a year so I knew it was big change for her. In my opinion, we grew apart when she started working.  And, even from the beginning, if I would text her, it could be two hours later before she would respond.  So, I tried to text both of them equally, but sometimes I would just resort to Carlos, because I knew the conversation would be over faster.  Carlos would update me on things going on with the girls or just life in general.  So, anyways, I stop at their house after not seeing them for sometime.  Dana was tanning or at the grocery store.  I forget. But, she came home and I immediately realized she didn't give me a huge, which was so unlike her.  I just felt the tension coming from her.  I had told Carlos that I had a dream that him and I went to Mexico. So random and that was all that was to the dream.  Well, Carlos had originally told me he wasn't going to tell Dana because she would be mad.  I didn't think anything of it.  While we're all sitting there that night, he told Dana about my dream. 

To sum up the next week or so, she started texting me about how she didn't trust me and that my friendship with Carlos was getting too close for her comfort.  I had told her I would never want her to feel that way.  She made me promise to not saying to Carlos because this was right before Christmas and she didn't want to ruin their holiday.  That was a lot to put on my shoulders.  I was devastated that she would feel that way.  Well, then later in that week, I got more text messages saying that I was forbidden to speak to either one of them or be around the girls.  She said that she knows Carlos would never mess around with me, but that she isn't so sure about me.  I did respond to her and I never heard back from her.

Just this past weekend, I saw the Garcias and Carlos and Dana at the CF walk.  I didn't speak to Carlos and Dana.  And, I did mention something to Joey's Mom about not speaking to them since December and she said she didn't know and changed the subject.  Again, it breaks my heart to think that the Garcias honestly think I would a) try to go after Joey's best friend; b) go after a married man; or c) go after my best friend's husband. Not to mention, I am not attracted to Carlos or have any type of inappropriate feelings for him. 

I'm not sure what hurts more. That Dana turned on me, or that Carlos didn't acknowledge that any of it happened.  I know he had to choose his wife over me. And, I'm OK with that. What I'm not OK with is that he didn't say anything to me about.  If he would just have said you know this is how it's going to have to be because she's my wife and my family I would feel better. But, nope. Nothing.  He just let her walk all over both of us. 

What also pisses me off is that Carlos told me after Joey passed that he would always be there for me like Joey was for me. 

Some promise...

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