Sunday, April 3, 2011

Mad Ants 2010-2011 Season

This was the first year I went to a Mad Ants game, and I have to say, it will not be my last. Me and Stacia had such a good time routing for these guys every single game. And, it was a lot of fun getting to know the players. It was also really sad at times when players got waived and/or traded. Of course, there was Oliver Lafayette and Walker Russell Jr who left to go play overseas. I cannot believe I did not take one single picture at any of the games we went to. So, I'm going to steal my favorite photos from the Mad Ants' photographer, Randy Jackson. He took a lot of great pictures, so I'm going to post my favs.

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Anthony Kent

Walker Russell Jr

Walker Russell Jr being Walker. Saying hi to everyone.

All 10 players signing autographs after last game.

Corey Allmond

Confetti party!!

The President. Follow him at

Ron Howard (19) and Marvin Phillips Jr. (34)

Ron Howard

Wayne Chism

Carlos: "Daaaammmmnnn, Corey."

Walker Russell Jr back from China (left) and Chris Hunter (right)

Marvin Phillips Jr. w/his wife and son (I think)

Ron Howard w/his daugther

Not sure what this guy is doing to Derek Raivio

Baaahahahahaha Wayne Chism

Crazy picture of Rod Wilmont in the air.

This looks photoshopped. Anthony Kent

Classic. Picking Chris Kramer up off the floor.

Chris Kramer, Ron Howard and Corey Allmond

Superman. Corey Allmond

"Mr. Mad Ant" - Ron Howard

I'm still waiting for Anthony Kent to explain what he's doing to Marvin Phillips Jr.

Corey Allmond

Corey Allmond

Yours truly and Stacia

Marvin Phillips Jr and Anthony Kent

Carlos English

Dancing to YMCA. She was also featured in the commercial.

Every game picture of Walker Russell Jr looks like this. Dude is a beast.

Another awesome picture. Anthony Kent

Start of game tradition. Corey Allmond and Rod Wilmont

He's smiling!! Marvin Phillips Jr

Walker Russell Jr

Oliver Lafayette. He went to Turkey to take over for Allen Iverson while he had surgery.

Mr. three point shot himself. Rod Wilmont

Again. Chris Kramer on the floor. He was OK.

Security surrounding the Kramer Family after Stacia's verbal altercation w/Lil Kramer.

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