Wednesday, September 22, 2010

June 25, 2000 - Day 3 of 10

If you've never had a pet in your life, you're really missing out. I always had cats growing up. We had Oreo, Kacy, Tyler and Molly. Tyler and Molly we had until they were put down. Oreo ran away and Kacy we had to get rid of because she kept peeing in the house.

When I lived with my sister (on Wonderboy Way - like I said before, you just can't make up something that ridiculous) our neighbors' parents had some kittens. I'm not sure how it came about, but my sister mentioned it to me, and I instantly wanted to go see them. At the time, I was dating Nic, so he went with us. I don't remember how many kittens there were. I don't think there were that many. I do remember one kitten that wasn't ready to leave her Mom yet. I instantly knew which kitten I wanted, so she came home with us that day (if I only knew what I know now - ha). On the way home, we were trying to figure out what to name her. I knew in the back of my mind that I wanted to name her Cierra. When I worked at Target, there was a mother and daughter that would always come in, and her daughter's name was Cierra. I had never heard that name before (this was before Ciara the musician was popular), and I loved it. When thinking of what to name my new kitten, I was hesitant to name her Cierra, because I always thought I would name my child that. Why I wanted to save the name is beyond me, because I've never wanted kids. I must had told Nic that at one point, because on the way home, he says why don't you name her Cierra. I didn't even think twice, and I said OK!

When Nic and I went to the 4th of July fireworks that year, she went with us. She sat on the blanket in the grass the whole night. I wish I had a scanner, so I could post the pictures from that day. She was such a good kitten.

I know it may sound crazy, but an animal provides the most unconditional love. I've had her since she was old enough to leave her Mom. I'm all she knows, and I love it. She's been the best animal ever. I can't believe I've had her for over ten years. She is such a cuddle bunny (as I type this she's laying on the couch with me). She follows me every where I go (even outside). She is definitely mouthy though. She meows all the time, and just like this morning, she was in my bed hitting me with her paw because she apparently thought it was time to get up. When I'm sick, she sits in the bathroom with me. When I cry she sits with me.

She keeps me on my toes too because she's constantly coming up with new stuff to do. For a while, she would run towards the front door and slide into the rug. If I fixed it, she would do it again. She always tries to steal my hair rubber bands. She loves playing with my finger nail filer. Really, anything she's not supposed to play with, she does. The other day she walked into the bathroom, and I had just combed out my hair, so there was hair all over the floor. She walked in, and some hair got stuck on her paw so she shakes it to try to get it off, and then turns around and starts playing with the hair on the floor. I remember when I moved into the apartment I live in now, I put her in the bathroom, and shut the door so she wouldn't get in the way of moving. When I went to go get her, she wasn't in the bathroom (so I thought). My Mom, Joey and I looked everywhere for her. How in the world did she get out of the bathroom? Joey went back in the bathroom and opened up the cabinet, and there she was. She had opened the door with her paw and climbed in. To this day, I can be watching TV, and I'll hear the cabinet door shut. She hasn't climbed back in, but she tries to open the ones in the kitchen too. When Joey lived with us, she would sit on the couch with him while he did his treatments. I think she liked the feeling of his vest vibrating. It kept her warm probably.

I do consider this one of the ten best days of my life because she is such a great animal and I love when she's waiting at the door for me when I come home.

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