Thursday, September 16, 2010

December 22, 1999 - Day 2 of 10

I may not have any children of my own, but I definitely feel like having nieces and nephews comes in close second. My love for my nieces and nephews is very deep. Although I do like the city of Fort Wayne for what it is, my nieces and nephews are a huge part of why I still live here.

I have two nieces and two nephews, but like having a child, I think the first born always holds a special place in your heart. I remember when my sister told me she was pregnant with Morgan. We were living in the double-wide trailer on Wonder Boy Way (you just can't make something like that up), and we were getting ready to go to my Mom and Jay's. I was putting on my shoes, and my sister told me she was pregnant (I was the first person they told). My eyes instantly teared up and I was so excited.

I don't remember what I did the day Morgan was born, but it was a Wednesday, so I'm sure I was in college and had to work. I do, however, remember holding Morgan for the first time. I thought she was the most beautiful baby in the world and I knew I would be a part of her life forever. I remember thinking, "why am I crying holding this baby?" But, it was just an uncontrollable emotion I couldn't stop.

After Morgan came home from the hospital, I remember she would fall asleep on my chest while we laid in my bed, and then Jennifer would come get her to put her in her crib when she was ready to go to bed. I always wanted to keep her with me, but Jennifer would never let me (damn, sisters). We eventually moved to the house on Plymouth, and I will never forget Saturday and Sunday mornings she would come knock on my door to wake me up. At the time, she wasn't tall enough to open up my bedroom door, so she would stand outside knocking yelling "RAE RAE RAE RAE..." I would then hear Jennifer come get her, and tell her that I was sleeping. As much as I wanted to sleep, I could never get mad at her for waking me up.

The day finally came for me to move into my own apartment, and I was so worried about telling Morgan I wasn't going to be living with her anymore. We sat down in the living room, and I told her that I was going to be moving into my own house. She seemed to be OK with it (now when I tell her that story she says she doesn't remember).

I will always hold a special place in my heart for Morgan because she was my first born niece. But, I love them all the same as if they were my own kids.

Morgan Kay - 12/22/1999
Olivia Anne - 08/30/2005
Evan Daniel - 01/03/2007
Ethan Chandler - 06/01/2009

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