Thursday, August 12, 2010

Texting and a Ten Year Old

Two conversations I've had with my niece, Morgan in the past few weeks.

Three Weeks Ago:

Morgan: Hey u know how my mom is trying to figure out who should get their own [room] me or Evan?? Well thank u for saying that I should.

Me: Ha. You're welcome. I think you deserve it and are old enough that you should have your own room.

Morgan: I know I keep saying that to my mom but she's like well......and then she doesn't say anything.

Me: She's probably just insure cause Evan is a boy, but I think she'll let you have your own room.

Morgan: U Sam grandma m and grandpa m said that I should. Grandma grandma grandpa jay and pat said I should share a room my sister. and my mom is unsure.

Me: Hmm...yeah I don't agree. But it's up to your Mom.

Morgan: My mom doesn't know everything.....expecially that decision and also maybe since she has to try and find a bed maybe she will be thinking about how she is suppose to get a bed she will accedently stick me in my own room.

Me: That's why I love're always thinking. Hahaha

Morgan: And that's why I'm your fav.

Me: So true.

Morgan: LOL


Morgan: HI! What r u doing? I decited what I was going to do for my mom's birthday besides a card!

Me: What's that?

Morgan: I said I found out what I am going to do for my mom's bday besides a card!

Me: I know...what are you going to do?

Morgan: Oh I am going to bake her a cake.

Me: By yourself?

Morgan: Yah tomorrow morning I am going to get up around 8 8:30 and make it.

Me: In the oven? Or do you have an easy bake?

Morgan: Oven like a sheet cake and then pit icing and sprinkles on it. My mom does not know about it yet I left the stuff under mt seat in the car and tomorrow morning I will get the stuff out of the car.

Me: Should I be worried you're going to be baking? How did you ge the stuff for the cake?

Morgan: Grandpa Jay bought the stuff for me. No u shouldn't be worried I know how to work the oven.

Me: That was nice of him. I know you do. I think I forget how old you're getting :(

Morgan: Haha! I am not that old!

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