Friday, August 13, 2010

Parents Know Everything Whether You Want Them To Or Not

I hate to admit what a dumbass I was on Tuesday, but I was driving along and ramped a curb, and blew my tire. I can't even blame my dumbassness for being on the phone or playing with the radio. I didn't want to call my Dad because I knew he would be so annoyed that a) I was a dumbass b) it's going to be $123.00, of which I don't really have and c) he has to change a flat tire in 90 degree weather. So, I call one friend who is out of town working, another who is on his way to work, and then finally found someone who could come help me (again, I say thank you). After getting the spare tire on, I went to Tire Barn by Glenbrook, and they didn't have a tire, so I drove down to the Tire Barn on Petite, and got a new tire. As I'm giving the guy my debit card I asked if they had punch cards. Buy 10 tires get 1 free. He didn't laugh.

I go to my Dad's today to play with Ethan. My Dad goes outside to do whatever he does when he goes outside and comes back in no less than five minutes later, and well...

Dad: "Did you get another flat tire?"

Me: [Mouth drops open] REALLY?!?! Do you know how much trouble I went to so you wouldn't find out?

Dad and Michele: LAUGHING

Me: "How did you know?"

Dad: [Points to himself] This is me we're talking about.

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