Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Is it too early to go around the room saying what I'm thankful for?

I'm literally counting down the days until Christina Aguilera's movie "Burlesque" comes out on November 24th. It's also staring Cher. I cannot remember the last time I saw Cher in a movie. I watched the trailer for the movie the other day (www.christinaaguilera.com), and I thought it was going to be a musical (something along the lines of Moulin Rouge), but it doesn't appear to be like that. From what I saw in the trailer, Christina does an amazing job.

Three months Christina fans!!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Shall We Recap?

A friend of mine asked me the other day how I wasn't breaking down from everything I've had gone on in my life recently. I didn't have an answer for her.

Let's recap from 2008 to the present:

* April 30, 2008 - Joey passes away
* July 24, 2008 - Fired from Shambaugh Kast Beck & Williams (I have no idea why since they refused to tell me according to Indiana law).
* April 15, 2009 - 9mos later I get hired at Verizon.
* December 17, 2009 - Fired from Verizon (only worked for 8 mos, but who's counting)?
* July, 2010 - my ex-brother-in-law goes MIA. Completely sick to my stomach knowing
we may have to tell the kids what has happened to their Dad. (FYI - he was found)
* July, 2010 - Congress aka Republicans decide to take away unemployment. That lasted for a month and then it was approved again.
* August, 2010 - On the day of my sister's wedding, I come down with some type of bug and end up spending part of the reception in the bathroom with my head in the toilet.
* August, 2010 - End up with a bacterial infection and a urinary tract infection. All of which costs me an obscene amount of money in office visits and prescriptions.
* August, 2010 - My dumbass ramps a curb and gets flat a tire. $123.00.

We've still got a week left in August, so who knows what may happen from now until September.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Parents Know Everything Whether You Want Them To Or Not

I hate to admit what a dumbass I was on Tuesday, but I was driving along and ramped a curb, and blew my tire. I can't even blame my dumbassness for being on the phone or playing with the radio. I didn't want to call my Dad because I knew he would be so annoyed that a) I was a dumbass b) it's going to be $123.00, of which I don't really have and c) he has to change a flat tire in 90 degree weather. So, I call one friend who is out of town working, another who is on his way to work, and then finally found someone who could come help me (again, I say thank you). After getting the spare tire on, I went to Tire Barn by Glenbrook, and they didn't have a tire, so I drove down to the Tire Barn on Petite, and got a new tire. As I'm giving the guy my debit card I asked if they had punch cards. Buy 10 tires get 1 free. He didn't laugh.

I go to my Dad's today to play with Ethan. My Dad goes outside to do whatever he does when he goes outside and comes back in no less than five minutes later, and well...

Dad: "Did you get another flat tire?"

Me: [Mouth drops open] REALLY?!?! Do you know how much trouble I went to so you wouldn't find out?

Dad and Michele: LAUGHING

Me: "How did you know?"

Dad: [Points to himself] This is me we're talking about.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Texting and a Ten Year Old

Two conversations I've had with my niece, Morgan in the past few weeks.

Three Weeks Ago:

Morgan: Hey u know how my mom is trying to figure out who should get their own [room] me or Evan?? Well thank u for saying that I should.

Me: Ha. You're welcome. I think you deserve it and are old enough that you should have your own room.

Morgan: I know I keep saying that to my mom but she's like well......and then she doesn't say anything.

Me: She's probably just insure cause Evan is a boy, but I think she'll let you have your own room.

Morgan: U Sam grandma m and grandpa m said that I should. Grandma grandma grandpa jay and pat said I should share a room my sister. and my mom is unsure.

Me: Hmm...yeah I don't agree. But it's up to your Mom.

Morgan: My mom doesn't know everything.....expecially that decision and also maybe since she has to try and find a bed maybe she will be thinking about how she is suppose to get a bed she will accedently stick me in my own room.

Me: That's why I love you...you're always thinking. Hahaha

Morgan: And that's why I'm your fav.

Me: So true.

Morgan: LOL


Morgan: HI! What r u doing? I decited what I was going to do for my mom's birthday besides a card!

Me: What's that?

Morgan: I said I found out what I am going to do for my mom's bday besides a card!

Me: I know...what are you going to do?

Morgan: Oh I am going to bake her a cake.

Me: By yourself?

Morgan: Yah tomorrow morning I am going to get up around 8 8:30 and make it.

Me: In the oven? Or do you have an easy bake?

Morgan: Oven like a sheet cake and then pit icing and sprinkles on it. My mom does not know about it yet I left the stuff under mt seat in the car and tomorrow morning I will get the stuff out of the car.

Me: Should I be worried you're going to be baking? How did you ge the stuff for the cake?

Morgan: Grandpa Jay bought the stuff for me. No u shouldn't be worried I know how to work the oven.

Me: That was nice of him. I know you do. I think I forget how old you're getting :(

Morgan: Haha! I am not that old!