Monday, July 12, 2010

Wonder what Patti Stanger would say?

I've known this guy since I was 18, going to Tremors. We're friends on Facebook, and here is our most recent conversation. It really amazes me when you're up front and honest with someone how the truth comes out.

"B" = Boy
"M" = Me

B: you never answer my question about hookin up.
M: I thought you had a girlfriend?
B: No
M: When did you guys breakup?
B: What you dont want to hook up???
M: Not if you have a girlfriend...and, I don't do "hookups" anymore. I'm not going to find a husband by doing "hookups."
B: Come on i know you want to!
M: Ha. Of course hooking up is always something I want to do, but no random hookups for me anymore.
B: is that a no
M: Yes, it's a no.
B: I leave you alone then

Thirty minutes later I get this email...

B: Your could hav been a great start of a relationship:(
M: You asked me to hook up...nothing about a start of a relationship.
B: .... that how it works!
M: That's how what works?
B: My first then get to know each other
M: I would have done that back in the day, but now that I'm 31 yrs old I want someone who wants to take me on a date first and get to know me. I'm not saying waiting a long time to have sex, but it's gotta be about more than just that.
B: I dont take girls on date just girlfriends

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