Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Not So Bright and Shiny

Everyday I come to Blogger to see if Conner's Mom has written another blog.

It breaks my heart to read how much pain she's in. How angry she is with God, but that she still believes in God and loves Him.

I read how she wishes he were still here even though she spent all her time caring for him whether that be taking him to doctor appointments, helping him with his breathing treatments, administering meds, etc.

Although, she has two other sons, no one can replace Conner, her oldest son who she lost at the age of 7.

She's blogged about legos being left outside in the yard and that they must be signs from Conner, and I believe her. I believe he's giving her signs that although he's not in her care anymore, he's pain free and is safe in God's care.

I read about her journey she takes everyday to visit Conner where he now rests, and it breaks my heart.

I've attempted to leave comments on several occasions, but I can't find the right words. No matter what anyone says, it won't take the pain away from losing Conner.

I know she'll never be complete again now that she's lost Conner, but I pray that one day she can wake up and begin to enjoy life again.

I truly am sorry for your loss, Sarah (Conner's Mom).

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