Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Chris Brown Strikes Again

I like the power that blocking someone on Facebook or blocking their number on your cell phone gives. It's like "poof" out of mind & out of site.

Everyone has that one person on Facebook that constantly wants to quote the Bible or preach about God and waking up to another day. These also tend to be the most screwed up people you know. Specifically, I like the guys that call women names on their status updates or talk about how they got hurt cause she did this or she didn't do that. But, they are the same guys who were cheating on that girl the night before at the club, and didn't come home.

Don't worry, I do have a specific person in mind. You may have read a great blog I wrote some time ago about a man and his baby mama drama. I'm speaking about him again. What I think is a riot, is that he can't take care of his kids, he's only staying in college so he can play football, he doesn't have a job, and he lives at home (I believe). He's the guy who is always updating his status about how some girl did this or that and how people keep screwing him over and he's finding out who his true friends are. The reality is that he's the one that is always screwing people over whether it be a female or a friend. He's the one that can't take responsibility for his own actions. Yesterday, he made a post on Facebook quoting some lyrics from a Chris Brown song. The gist of the lyrics were about a girl and something shining. I left (what I thought was a pretty witty comment) a comment saying the only thing that's going to be shining is the girl's black eye when he hits here too. There were a few other comments, but I wake up today with his first comment being about God and his second comment was about how his mom always taught him that if a woman can hit a man, then she's man enough to be hit by a man. He also said that everyone makes mistakes, and we don't really know what happened that night between Chris & Rihanna. He finished by saying that no one better leave any more negative comments on his page about Chris especially because we're not all perfect. I pondered between going off or not, and I just chose to block him. This guy is a friggin idiot. I've tried to tolerate him, but damn, I can't tolerate stupidity and ignorance.

First of all, his mom is completely wrong. I don't care if a woman halls off and starts attacking a man, it is NEVER, and I repeat NEVER okay for a man to lay a hand on a woman. Second of all, I would like to see what he thinks if a man put his hands on his daughter. Would he say "everyone makes mistakes?" Mmm...I doubt it. He'd be on Facebook running his mouth about how he was going to kick his ass, if not kill him.

Oh, and Dear Dickhead: don't ever text me at 6:00 a.m. again thinking you're going to be able to come over.

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