Sunday, January 3, 2010

Julie & Julia

I watched Julia Childs' movie today called "Julie & Julia." Super cute. Julie decided to blog while cooking her way through Julia Childs' cookbook. She felt that she never finished anything she started, and oddly enough she too, had just turned thirty years old. Although, I turned thirty over seven months ago, I feel like I'm in the same slump she was in. Perfect example. I was bored the other night and decided to read through some old letters I had saved from some friends. A stack of which I found from a friend Robert I had worked with at Target. To my surprise, he had put his email address in one of the letters. I decided to take a chance, and see if I put his email address into Facebook's search engine if I would find him. Now, remember I worked at Target over ten years ago. To my surprise, his profile popped right up. I immediately sent him an email and friend request. Probably within the next hour, I get an IM from him. I commented on his children being super cute, and he of course, returned the compliment to me. What he thought were my children, are actually my nieces and nephews. He now knows I'm single and have no children. What's the next question you ask someone you haven't spoken to in ten years? Well, of course it's "where are you working?" So, now I've already admitted to not having any family of my own, and now I have to explain that I, at thirty years old have no job. How embarrassing!?!? He on the other hand builds airplanes or helps fix them (but, what's the difference really).

I have to believe that 2010 is going to be better than 2008 and 2009. In 2008, not only did I lose my job at SKB&W, but I lost the most amazing person I've ever known, and will ever know. In 2009, I lost yet another job. I'm thirty years old. I should be in an established career doing what I love, or what I love enough to do until I retire. I should have a nice retirement plan started already. Yet, I have no job or any idea what would make me completely happy, and have no savings let alone a retirement plan.

I know that I can't keep setting around waiting for something amazing to happen in my life. I need to get out there and make the amazing happen to me. Yet, I can't seem to get off the couch and go find that amazing-ness.

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