Thursday, September 3, 2009

A nine year old writer in the making?

I got this email from my nine year old niece after her first day of school and I think I read it at least a dozen times.

Hey!!!!! School was great! I have a friend named Alexa and I wanted her to be in my class but I thought she would not be in my class but when I went to school I saw a nametag that said Alexa and I thought it was either her or a different Alexa then she walked in the class room then she left but I did not get to see her come in there she had to go to the bathroom is why she went out she said then when she got back from the bathroom she sat down at her desk then I looked over and saw her sitting there and so I went over to her desk which is 2 ft. away anyway I tapped on her shoulder and then she turned around and she was happy that we were in the same class. At resses we played together we played around the world this is how you play ok well there is this circle at resses and it has like all types of rock Walls and bars that you have to do flips on and we pretend that the circle is the world and that we went around the world. Then we had to go to lunch me and null sat next to each other at lunch then we went back to the class room to do spelling it was our pre-test it was confusing at first but then everyone got it. I got all ten words right so then I got to study words 11 12 13 14 and 15 so that is good if you get those words then we read in our reading books well we really just looked at them to see what kind of stories were in there. Then it was time for dismissal. Oh and our teacher gives us candy all the time and we do not have to ask to do anything. So it was fun at school today. And I can't wait to go back tomorrow. Love, Morgan