Saturday, August 29, 2009

Unruly parents at Chuckie Cheese

My niece had her bday party at Chuckie Cheese today. I have always been a people watcher, but today was exceptionally worse. I can't even begin to explain the type of people that are in our society today. Let me just explain some of these people I saw.

One lady had on a booty short dress with white high heels. I'm pretty sure she was dropping the kids off at the babysitters after Chuckie Cheese and then heading to the V to dance in the cage.

I was playing skee ball with the kids and there was a woman playing next to me and she had her bangs twisted on each side and she was sweating so bad that it was dripping down her face. My niece went to get her tickets and tried to grab the woman's tickets because she wasn't sure which side was hers and if I wouldn't have stopped my niece from grabbing them, I'm pretty sure the sweaty hag would have taken off her arm. Apparently, spending your Saturday night at Chuckie Cheese racking up tickets to get a piece of laffy taffy or some plastic toy is the thing to do these days.

There were so many women with jeans and shirts so tight that I you could see every fat roll possible. When did it become a fashion statement to let the public see your fat hanging over your jeans? If you wanna rock it like that home I am in no position to say otherwise, but please be considerate of others.

AND, parents, please watch your kids!! I had one kid ask me for a token and I felt bad cause I was out. There was also a little boy who stuck his hand in my nephews tokens and tried to grab one, but my sister stopped him. Um, where was his mom or dad? There were kids standing on the stage and equipment and an employee finally went up and made them get down. Um, again, I ask where were their parents?

There was one woman walking around with a cigerette hanging out of her mouth and of course was heading to the parking lot to smoke.

I also remember very clearly leaving Chuckie Cheese last time for the yearly bday bash, and a woman in the parking lot telling her kids to get in the mo fo car (and she didn't say mo fo -- she pronounced both words out).

This is what's wrong with our society today. This is why kids grow up with no manners and no ambitions in life. These people having kids are so not fit to have kids, because they can't even take care of themselves.

Completely disgusts me ... until next time at Chuckie Cheese.

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