Monday, January 26, 2009


I just went back and re-read some of my blogs and I have written about this topic quite a lot it seems. As most of you know, I have been single for almost three years now. I haven't had a boyfriend since Joey and I broke up. I continue to put myself out there and meet new guys and try to get to know them and pursue a relationship but it's just absolutely ridiculous what kind of luck I'm having.

I know everyone probably read my blogs that I wrote about a few guys asking me for money after not knowing them for very long and it just continues to get better and better.
I'm not sure if it's a good thing that I keep putting myself out there or if it's just enough. Recently, I met this guy and we were going to go out to eat on a Friday night. He was going to shower and get ready and so was I. I did my hair and make-up and got all cute and called him when I was ready to go. Do you think he answered his phone when I called? Nope. So I text him a few minutes later and asked him if he was alive. He finally called me back about a half hour later and said that his friend was having problems with the wifey and he had to go get him. I tried to be understanding but it was just really hard for me. I told him I was going to eat dinner without him and he said he would call me in a bit. So this was probably about 8:00ish and he text me at 10:30 and asked me what I was doing. I told him I was just chilling and watching t.v. He never text me back. So, the next day I hear from him and he apologized and blah blah. We ended up making plans again to go to a movie. He ends up texting me and says he doesn't have money for a movie but he still wants to see me. I finally gave in and just invited him over for a movie. He comes over and I was starving so I ordered pizza and breadsticks for us. Clearly, he didn't have any money so I just paid. The story of my life. Needless to say, he's got quite the baggage and I'm just not feeling it. You break plans with me once and then re-nig on your offer to take me to a movie. I'm over it.

OK, so I met this guy over the summer briefly at a club in Fort Wayne, It was kind of awkward how we ran into each other but I got his card and found him on MS and we emailed a few times but nothing special. He actually doesn't live in FW so we never made plans to meet up. Wednesday, he emails me and says he's in FW and wanted to know if I wanted to get together. We made plans for Thursday night to go to BW's and eat some food. I told him I had to babysit from 6:00 to about 7:30 and if I were to run late I would call him since we were meeting at 8:00. He ended up texting me and saying he was getting his hair cut and was running late but would be there at 8:40. I text him back and just told him to call me when he was on his way. He text me a little before 9:00 and said that his cousins car wouldn't start and he had to give him a jump and would be on his way. Fine. I ended up just starting to drive to BW's thinking he would be along shortly. He texts me again and says the car won't start so he has to take his cousin home. He kept apologizing and saying he was never late and would I forgive him. I never really responded to any of that. I get to BW's about 9:00 and just sat in the parking lot and sent some emails. In the meantime, he is texting me and asking me if I work the next day and if I still want to meet. I told him no, I didn't work and that I was starving and still wanted to meet up. He said Ok, and was on his way. That was at 9:15. I figured he would be there about 9:30ish cause it really doesn't take more than about 20 minutes to get anywhere in FW. Well I ended up getting a few more texts about how to get to BW's and if he passed this road and that road. I tried calling him because I thought it was quite ridiculous he was texting me and not just calling for directions. Well about 9:45 (yep, a half hour later) I text him and ask him if he's close cause he said a half hour ago he would be there. He text back and said 5 minutes. Well 10 minutes later I text him and said something to the effect that obviously, he wasn't getting any closer and I was going to just leave and go get Taco Bell and go home. So, my ass left. Remember, I've now been sitting in BW's parking lot for an hour. I pulled out and I passed him but just kept going. He text me and said he was there but I just kept driving. He ended up calling me and I told him I would turn around. So, my dumbass goes back. We ended up having a really really good time and watched the Colts game and ate some food. The waitress brings the check and he doesn't grab it or anything. Well minutes keep passing and finally I said well I only have a debit card and he said me too. Still NO offer of paying. I said well we can just have her split the bill and he was okie dokie with that! I was so pissed off. You ask me out and then we split the bill? Oh, the story gets better! Today I text him and asked him how his day was going and we just were shooting the shit back and forth and then he's like do you cook? To myself, I laughed but I said well what do you want? He says well what do you like to cook? I told him a few things and oh, he wanted to know what I baked (again, I laughed cause my ass doesn't cook OR bake). Well he ends up texting me back and said well how about you come pick me up and then make tacos and some chocolate chip cookies. I was like um, I thought you had a car? He said he took the train here so his car was at home. No effin idea whose car he was driving but I guess that's neither here nor there at this point. I text him back and asked him if he was going to buy the groceries. He text me back and said we can split the groceries. I just died fucking laughing. I text him back and told him I didn't have any money right now (which I don't) and didn't get paid till next week. This son of a bitch text me back and says he's going to hang out with his cousin right now and may be we could hang later. Yeah, haven't heard from him since. HILFUCKINGLARIOUS! Not only did I wait over an hour for you the night before, I had to pay for my own food and now you want me to drive clear across town to pick you up and then split groceries with you, that I'm going to have to cook. Oh, and obviously I'll have to drive him home and some point. He must be outta his damn mind. I have a feeling that if he text me again, Verizon towers will be down on my end and his text will get lost in space cause I sure as hell am not texting him back. He can go back to where he came from.

I know I can't judge the next guy by the last guy but I get all excited to go out and meet people and then I put myself out there and I immediately get screwed over and it seems to be the same bullshit. They are late or they can't pay or shit some of them don't even have cars. This last guy is a athelete and I know his ass has got some money. I just don't get when men became so fucking cheap. Are they not getting life lessons from their parents? Is it that now we're in 2009 almost that society is teaching men they don't have to pay anymore and to treat women with such disrespect? Anyone that knows me knows I'm not all about money and being showered with gifts from men but, damn you can't even pay for our first meal or take me to a movie, it's a wrap on my end. I'm not 21 anymore and just going to stick around and cater to your every need. I'm a grown ass women and I deserve to be treated as such. I don't know ... may be I need to start setting some standards before I even accept the offer of going out with men. I don't want to be that bitter woman that says she's done with men or I'm going to become a lesbian. I truly believe there are good men out there but I just don't know how much more I can take being treated like an ATM machine.

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