Monday, January 26, 2009

What Really is Blogging for?

I’m not really sure what the purpose of blogging is for. Is it for the blogger’s opinon, knowledge, facts, update on their life? I hear about bloggers all the time, like I know Gilbert Arenas from the Washington, Wizards has a really popular blog that he writes on the NBA website but my point being is that this blog I’m writing is going to be just nonsense because I have some bitching to do and just random things to say. I think my blogs give me a chance to say things and just bitch so it kinda helps me get things off my chest. Anyways...

I’ve never really wanted kids and most people that know me really well already know this about me. But damn! I went to McDonald’s tonight with my sister and the kids (3 kids by the way --- 8, 2 and 14 months) so they could play in the playground. We meet each other there and mind you, it’s pouring rain outside tonight and freeeezing outside so I get the 2 year old out of the car and me, the 2 year old and the 8 year old head inside. I got semi-wet. So we go to leave and she buckles in the baby and I buckle in the 2 year old. Do you know how hard it is to buckle those effin seat belts? No, I don’t mind standing in the pouring down rain, freezing my ass off -- oh, did I mention the 2 two year old is yelling at me to put her head band back on that she got in her happy meal? Of course, all I can do is laugh at her because she’s so freaking cute. So we finally get all 3 kids loaded in the car and I get in my car with drenched hair and foggy glasses. This just confirms my need to not have kids. I love being with my nieces and nephew but damn, it’s nice to send them home and come home to peace and quiet.
I’m leaving Taco Bell yesterday and I’m sitting at the light at Coldwater to turn left (onto Coldwater) and there is a van in front of me. The light turns green and of course we have to wait for the traffic across from us to go straight until we can go. So we’re waiting and the van proceeds to turn and I’ll be damned that when it started turning they decided to then turn on their turn signal. I was like, really? I just looked it up online because honestly in 12 years (damn, I’m old) of driving I forgot how many feet you’re supposed to turn your signal on but it says 100 feet. Please explain to me what the purpose is of turning your signal on while you’re turning? Isn’t the point of using your turn signal is to SIGNAL YOUR INTENT TO TURN??? People are so freaking stupid when they drive. And the more I notice people on their cell phones, I really think they should ban them from driving and talking because people really are shitty ass drivers while talking on the phone. I just was flabbergasted by that van signaling while turning. I mean how stupid can you be?
I think I’m getting old for real. Yesterday when I got home from work, I spent an hour literally, looking for a new song to put on my MySpace page. First off, there isn’t really any songs on the radio right now that I absolutely love. None of the songs that I really like are on any of the artist’s pages because they are all older songs. I searched through the rap pages and the r&b pages and found nothing. I sat here and spaced out trying to think of something that I really loved and could not think of anything. Sometimes when I’m driving, I just turn the radio off because I’m listening to 107.9 or 96.3 and the songs they play on the radio, I just cannot even grasp. I feel like I’m starting to sound like my Mom or Dad. I think I’ve also realized why I don’t really like going clubbing anymore. Everyone knows that I don’t drink and when I go out, I love to dance. That’s my thing. When I used to go clubbing Thursday through Saturday night, we would dance from 11:00 p.m. until the club closed down. They would have to kick us out. Now, I can’t wait to leave at like 1:00. But I was thinking last night, that I don’t get into dancing anymore and it’s because the songs are not as good anymore. I remember dancing to Nelly (It’s Getting Hot in Herre), Jagged Edge (Where’s the Party At), Christina Aguilera (Dirrty), 112, Faith Evans, 50, So So Def All Stars (Freak Like Me), Ass & Tities, Shake That Ass Bitch. Oh my god, I could go on and on. Those were the club bangers right there. Now, when I go to Piere’s -- at like 1:30 a.m. - 2:00 a.m., they start playing that screaming rap shit (see, I do sound like my Mom and Dad) and I don’t know any of those songs. You can’t dance to that shit. What happened to the r&b stuff that you could bob your head to and get all your friends in a circle and just break it down? That’s what makes it fun. I think that’s what changed for me. Now, I’m really going to sound stuffy. What the fuck is up with some of these rap artist’s names? I know most of you are not going to agree and that’s fine but really, think about? Like for example, Webbie, Lil Boosie, Shawty Lo and Plies. You get my point. When these rap artists are around for 10 years like Snoop, Jay and Luda then I might have some respect for them and give their name some consideration, but until then, I just consider them a one hit wonder who got Luda to do a verse on their single (ex: Shawty Lo). Was that harsh? Oops.
OMG! Charles Barkley and Dwayne Wade have a new T-Mobile commercial. How fucking exciting is that? I just saw it on t.v. during the Nuggets game. Those are the best commercials ever! I mean how could you not love watching Dwayne Wade in a commerical?
I just wanna say to Stacia and Sarah that you were right about putting on a smile while at work and being nice to everyone. There is a but though... I do like my job more and I do like my bosses a lot better than working for that horrible woman I used to work for and I have a lot more respect for the 4 bosses I work for now. But when you go to work and put a smile on your face and never get shitty or get an attitude with your boss, the day goes much smoother and the day is less stressful. My bosses absolutely love me and I totally kiss their ass and it so works. High five girls!!!!
Last but not least ...
Is it possible to get a sugar overload from drinking a small sweet at work, 2 medium sweet teas from Fazoli’s and two large sweet teas from McDonald’s in one day? I think I’ve got the shakes from the sugar. Is that possible?

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