Monday, January 26, 2009

Weight Watchers for Cats?

My alarm goes off this morning which is my cell phone and I turn it off and leave my cell phone open and throw it down on my bed. My cat, Cierra gets up on the bed as a daily routine to help wake me up. She proceeds to lay down right next to me stepping on my cell phone which I ignore because I'm half asleep, tired and sick from my cold. Finally I decide to get up because I'm annoyed that she's hogging the bed anyways so I find the cell phone hidden underneath her fat ass and realize she's pushed the eight button four times so I clear it out to find that she's also hit send. I go to my dialed calls and see that she called Joey at 6:32. I'm sitting there still half alseep trying to figure out if that's this morning she did that. Sure enough because my phone starts ringing Christina Aguilera - "Aint's No Other Man" and it's Joey...

Me: Hello
Joey: Did you call me?
Me: No, Cierra's fat ass did! She sat on my phone and she must have hit send and called you.
Joey: Oh, okay I was just wondering why you were calling me at 6:30 a.m. I was worried.
Me: Sorry, yeah I wasn't call you, it was Cierra's fat ass. Sorry.
Joey: Damn, Cierra's fat ass, ha ha.
Me: Sorry, (again). Bye.
Joey: Bye.

Thank God, she didn't call anyone that would have made me look like a complete jackass or who would not have thought it was funny! So I guess the vet was right... Cierra does really need to lose three pounds. I better get her a leash and take her for a walk! May be she can start running with me on the treadmill and it can be therapeutic for both of us!

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