Monday, January 26, 2009

Sleepless in Fort Wayne

So Joey will be in IU Hospital two weeks on Friday. He still has the respirator in and they can't take it out because he's not breathing well enough yet for them to take it out. Since he has CF and he has to cough, and he obviously can't spit anything out because of the respirator down this throat, he sticks a tube in the little hole that is left in his mouth and sunctions out the mucus in his mouth he coughs up from his lungs. It's the worst image ever! In the three years, one month and 12 days I've known Joey, he's only progressively gotten worse. How much longer until he gets his transplant? Is he angry at me for not being there with him, does he wish I was with him, does he understand why? But my most important question is -- is he scared? Does he lie in bed thinking why me? Or does he live everyday to the fullest? I believe Joey lives everyday to the fullest and he's taught me more about life than anyone I've ever met. Why do things like this have to happen to the greatest people? He's the most caring, giving, sweetest, nicest person I've ever met so why him? Why is he still lying in this hospital bed only 24 years old with a respirator because his oxygen levels are not high enough to take it out?

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