Monday, January 26, 2009


After work tonight I went to my Dad's to drop something off. We're in the kitchen and I'm sitting at the bar stool and he's standing at the kitchen counter. The conversation started because I asked him if he ever got a tattoo what would he get. The conversation continued to him telling me about a guy he worked with and his father passing away and then his brother passing away and the guy getting a tattoo of his father in his military uniform on his arm and him showing it to my Dad and the tattoo looked exactly like the picture. The guy told my Dad he didn't show his tattoo to many people but he wanted to share it with my Dad. Well then my Dad started talking about losing his parents and his sister to drinking and how he didn't know how she could have drank her life away. Then he proceeds to turn around and look at the refrigerator and there was Joey's picture which I had not noticed was there and it was the picture that was given at the showing and my Dad just literally started crying. He started going on about how Joey was the most courageous person he had ever meant and how he was angry at first but now he's not angry anymore. He talked a lot about God and how you can't question why God took Joey from us and that it was just his time to go. Literally, this went on for a good 15-20 minutes. The tears are just streaming down my Dad's face. He said Michele (my step-mom) even reminded me of the time that Joey called me on Father's Day (which by the way I don't think I even knew that. Joey was always doing things with my family that I didn't know about). So as my Dad is crying and pouring his heart out, I'm just sitting there. I had no idea what to say. Then he starts crying even more when he tells me that he had a dream the other night and Joey tells him that he's going to take care of me and watch over me. My heart just broke. All I could do is sit there and listen to my Dad and let him get his feelings out and then we hugged.

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