Monday, January 26, 2009

Fattys, Drunks and the Cops

Friday night my friend and I decided to go to Pieres to get our dance on. We get to the club at a good hour and start browing the place and just hanging out. The first thing I notice is all the fat girls at the club. They all have tight shirts on with their fat hanging over their pants. I mean was it fatty night? Seriously, it was disgusting! Not to mention, they are all making out with their 110 pound white nerdy ass boyfriends right in front of me. Their boyfriends are all rubbing on their girlfriends fat. It was so disgusting. I mean seriously, what is this world coming to? Hit the fucking gym for christ sakes. I know I'm not the most healthiest person but at least I'm not fat. I know I don't have a six pack, but at least my shit isn't hanging over my pants. And if you're going to be fat, learn how to dress and be sophisticated about it. Do you really need to wear a shirt that fits me? Do I really need to see the rolls hanging out of your shirt? Come on? That's not hot and you have to know this.

So we're walking in The Zone and I'm just looking around at the black men of course and all of a sudden I see this white girl come flying at me. She falls right into me and I have to catch her so that I don't go flying down on my ass. Not to mention, she fits the story above. Not a thin chick by any means. I was so pissed off. Her friends just looked at her like "OMG! What just happened"? What just happened you dumb fucks is that it's time to take your fucking friend home because she's to fucking drunk to stand up anymore.

We're walking out of the bathroom and walking behind the stage in the big part of Piere's and I see these two cops standing by the door to Club V. I ignore them of course and start to walk past them. The fat ass cop (see it was fatty night) steps in front of me and the conversation goes pretty much as follows:

Cop: How old are you?
Me: 28
Cop: Do you have id?
Me: Sigh.... yeah.
Cop: What is your dob?
Me: Sigh.... 7/5/79
Cop: Bending my id back and forth... this id feels really flimsy (hands it to the other cop
Me: Are you freaking kidding me???
Cop: Hey, watch the attitude, I'm just doing my job. What year did you graduate?
Me: Sigh.... 98!
Cop: (other cop still bending my id back and forth and finally gives it back to fatty) well I can't help it you look really young. Do you have any other id?
Me: Well that's not my fault!!! No!
Cop: You should take it as a compliment.
Me: Well I don't. You wanna kick some girls out that aren't 21 why don't you find these girls that we talked to in the bathroom earlier that told us they were not 21 yet. (and I describe them to the cops)
Cop: When did you last see them?
Me: I don't know, around 11:00-11:30
Cop: Alright, well go ahead but just know we're doing our job.
Me: Just walked away.

Are you FUCKING kidding me! I've been going to Piere's for 7 fucking years and I get carded. Hell fucking no. I was so pissed off I was shaking. Fucking cops. May be they should do their job and get the assholes that were walking around smoking weed. But no they would rather harrass the little white girl walking around with water in her hand. That makes a lot fucking sense. Bastards!

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