Monday, January 26, 2009

BET Awards

I'm in the other room and I hear Kanye West announce Jamie Foxx getting ready to perform on the BET Awards so naturally I run into the other room and sit on the couch to watch him perform. I was so excited to see him perform. I have grown to LOVE Jamie Foxx. So he's singing DJ Play a Love Song and he's getting into it and I'm all smiling cause how you can NOT smile at Jamie Foxx... well then Fantasia's nasty ass comes out to sing with him. Okay, fine. I'll deal with it. I mean you couldn't get Mary J. Blige to sing with you or someone worthy enough. So she's prancing around on stage like she's Mary and then they come in close for you know that duo shot and he grabs her side and pulls her in (I swear he touched her ass -- which by the way was jiggling) and I'll be damned if they did not fucking kiss and I mean not just a little peck on the lips -- like thanks for hooking me up Fantasia and performing with me. Aw, hell no... they slipped each other the tongue. My mouth has never dropped open so fast and so wide before. I have never been so fucking disgusted and appauled in my life. She turns around to strut off stage and kinda leans back and looks at him and smiles and looks like "yeah bitches I just kissed Jamie Foxx!" WHATEVER! So then he does his thing and then he calls her back out on stage and she comes out and they finish the song together. ICK -- NOTE TO JAMIE: I'm sorry Jamie, but I don't know if I can marry you anymore since you just kissed Fantasia. I don't think she can sing and her voice is raspy and she's so not cute. I mean she has no hair. What are you going to hold on to when you're having hot, rough sex? I mean come on???? Sigh....

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